‘Russia is Like Noah’s Ark, A Refuge from the World of Antichrist’ – Top Russian Actress

Another Russian entertainer shows their love and support for traditional values. 

A famous Russian actress, Maria Shukshina, considered an Honoured Artist of Russia and having been active in film and television since childhood, has openly declared her loyalty to Russia and the belief that traditional moral values and conservatism will make Russia “an Ark” that will protect those who wish to reject and fight against the Antichrist system rising in the world, particularly the West.

She recently spoke as a featured guest as the international forum “We Love Russia.” The forum wishes to draw together all who have a love for Russia and its culture from all over the world, and have respect for traditional religious belief and social structures. They seek to create a space for those who reject modern trans-human ideas and values to flourish.

Consider this brief extract from their webpage: (Machine Translated from Russian)

The world is on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe. The planet is plunged into the chaos of local wars, “colour revolutions” and coups, controlled from one world centre, which aims to destroy humanity and promotes the idea of preserving the “golden” billion: