Pfizer’s Mass Murder Cover-Up Plan Backfires

Saturday, 29th April, 2023

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Pfizer’s mass murder cover-up plan backfires on him. Kla.TV founder Ivo Sasek comments on explosive Pfizer files that were made available to the public by court order instead of being sealed for 75 years. Pfizer clearly reckoned with the “time bomb vaccination death” even before vaccination started, but not with the audible cry of vaccination deaths from all kinds of statistics.

The German pension fund, for example, was still complaining about a deficit of € 6.5 billion before Covid vaccination started! But now, less than two years after the start of Covid vaccination, it expects a surplus of € 2.1 billion because of the high mortality rate. That is a plus of 8600 x 1 million! A “death countdown pit stop” that will wake you up.

+++ 763 celebrities dead after Covid vaccine! How many more citizens died then?! +++

763 prominent Covid vaccine deaths and hundreds of prominent vaccine victims – a huge vaccine crime comes to light with powerful evidence!

Kla.TV has compiled 17 hours of footage documenting horrifying consequences and a worldwide death toll following the Corona vaccine.

If so many died among celebrities alone, what will it be like for the anonymous and unknown who are not published in the media?

Florida declares war on Big Pharma: “Wrongdoing” in COVID-19 vaccinations goes to trial

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, announced a state wide grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to COVID-19 vaccines.” Investigative journalist Igor Chudov comments that the most important takeaway here is that Florida will be able to subpoena all documents that Pfizer has so far hidden from the public.

Secret file Nord Stream terrorist attack: What did Chancellor Scholz know?

The US administration has perpetrated the Nord Stream terrorist attack! This is what Fox News, the most-watched news channel in the U.S., reported on March 10, 2023. The German government, however, still hides behind alleged “confidentiality interests”. Was Chancellor Scholz aware of a US intelligence operation? In this case, the Secret File Nord Stream Terrorist Attack could very soon become the Scholz file.

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Thank you for spreading this critical information and giving a voice to the vaccine-damaged, dead and unheard. If you know any cases of vaccine adverse events in your surroundings please enter your information into Vetopedia (, to document it. Also share these news on all possible social media platforms.

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  1. ian says:

    Great info newensign.

    • newensign says:

      Thanks Ian, it was interesting that the article confirmed that in Germany before the Covid crisis, pensions of the elderly in that country could not be funded, but now since all the deaths it is in surplus!!