Gas stove

© Christopher Sadowski

In a bid to reach net zero goals, households are set to be penalised if they don’t switch from gas in a brand new rule to be announced today. Speaking on Wednesday, Grant Shapps, secretary of state for energy security and net zero, commented on the new proposal.

He said: “If we want people to switch to an electricity-based economy, it would be better if [levies] were shifted onto the gas side of things.

Comment: Electricity is preferred because the government has a much greater control over that, and can turn it off should they so choose.

“It automatically makes the economics of an electric-driven economy better.”

But anger has erupted over the plans, with Craig Mackinlay, chair of the Conservative net zero scrutiny group, claiming “hugely expensive” heat pumps are “untried and unwanted”.

He said: “If green levies are shifted from electricity to gas one wonders what will be achieved given that gas remains the mainstay and balancing source of electricity generation especially on cloudy, still days.

Comment: This is extremely misleading, because ‘green’ energy provides a small fraction of overall energy production.

“All green levies, interference taxes and manipulations should be removed across the energy market so that energy security can be restored.

“Further tinkering is not going to shift households to untried and unwanted heat pumps that are hugely expensive and rarely work well.”

Electricity is considered a more environmentally-friendly choice due to its ability to be produced from renewable sources like solar panels and wind turbines.

In contrast, burning gas emits carbon into the atmosphere.

Other projects pushing for a greener UK have been receiving more support.

They include capturing carbon underground, insulating homes and producing clean hydrogen.