No one died, says House of Commons.

I’ve been asked by the PA about Penny Mordaunt’s behaviour in the Chamber earlier today. This is what I told them:

Unfortunately it’s the sort of outrageous slur which I have had to become accustomed to from the Leader of the House. Penny is clearly under orders from the Government, which is desperate to suppress any discussion of vaccine harms and deaths, which was the issue I raised. Unfortunately for her the truth will out eventually, the science of the harms and the data of continuing excess deaths is damning, as is Parliament’s collective lack of appetite to discuss or debate it. Sadly the longer this wilful blindness continues the more people will be harmed and die as a result of these experimental novel mRNA treatments.

The report of the autopsy I posted was a written report of a formerly healthy 14 year old girl from Japan who died after her third Pfizer jab and was found to have severe damage to all her internal organs as a result of the vaccine. The written report was presented in a video by Dr John Campbell.

Andrew Bridgen


2 Responses to “No one died, says House of Commons.”

  1. Belyi says:

    How can someone in a supposed position of authority, tell such a lie? It will certainly come back to haunt her and the sooner the better.

  2. ian says:

    It’s not our government it’s theirs, as are the police, and the army. The medical system is very well paid and thus controllable. The media is theirs, and the masses are conditioned to believe it. To quote Michael Caine, “Not a lot of people know that.”