Kennedy pits his body against the machine

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The RFK Presidential campaign launch

All the MSM covered it, which in itself is a magic trick. Maybe his voice will get through…


Tickets ($5 so they weren’t scarfed up by Bots) were sold out. Security was maximal, and very serious. Loads of old friends attended, including doctors Pierre Kory, Ryan Cole and his wife, Robert and Jill Malone, Liz Mumper and so many others. There were so many people whom I’d known from Zoom or through email and was finally able to see and talk to in the flesh, which was very wonderful. The air was electric.

There was a band. There was a short movie. There were brief introductory remarks by Jamal, a Democrat and New Jersey state Senator whose party made war on him for resisting mandates, and now he is out of office. Former Congressman and former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich introduced Bobby and is assisting with his campaign.

Then Bobby spoke. No notes, no teleprompter. A tiny glitch here or there. Lots of talk about corruption, about agency capture. The futility of the Ukraine war. A broad, big picture speech about what was wrong with our country and how to heal it. Many standing ovations.

In the middle of his talk, a loud beeping started, then a recorded voice told us this was a fire alarm and we all needed to leave the building! However, the security chief told Bobby it was a false alarm, and that he should continue. Bobby did so, everyone stayed put, and Bobby said, “Good try!” And so it begins.

When he was done, people said he had spoken for an hour and 45 minutes.

I had no idea; if you’d asked me, I would have guessed he spoke for 30 minutes.

Bobby said he would be a terrible candidate in normal times. He joked that he had so many skeletons in his closet, if they could all vote, he would be king of the world.

But in this special time, when we are on the verge of losing the world as we know it, he said he is the right candidate.

And he is correct. He is an honest person. He has the common touch. He has a soaring intellect and extensive knowledge base, which were on display in his talk. He is a gifted speaker. He has gravitas. He has travelled everywhere, he knows the way our government works, he knows a zillion people in government.

He doesn’t need to run, he is risking everything to run, and he is running not for his ego, not for fame or money (since he already has them, and the beautiful wife) but because he needs to tell the world the truth with the biggest possible megaphone, to help save it. He is putting his body against the machine.

Even if you don’t agree with everything he says, no matter what quibbles you might have with him, you know he is risking his life for us, to preserve America and our Constitution and to make things better, not worse. He is somebody you have to respect. You have to take him seriously. Godspeed.


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7 Responses to “Kennedy pits his body against the machine”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Candidates in US Presidential elections are surely all controlled? That’s all you need to know

    RFK Jr is from the families too. His daughter in law is long term CIA. And his son Conor went to fight for the neo-nazis in the Ukraine. At least officially anyhow, I doubt that any from the families EVER put themselves in harms way in reality

    He also pushes the current anti China stuff, including the Chinese covid “lab leak” nonsense. He must surely know that it was a Pentagon operation, not Chinese. He’s a globalist too

    Yes, he did good work with his book on Fauci, and Aids and vaxx. But even that felt like a limited hangout to me, so much that he didn’t say

    He seems to me like a false prophet. Hope and Change from Camelot, really?

    This guys long rant covers all these points and more:

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I’m a moron. Fool me three or more times consecutively, and I’m a voter.”

    ~ Jarod Kintz

    My gracious sakes alive; it is amazing that it is only eighteen months away from yet another mentally deranged presidential ‘election,’ and the insanity circus is already in town. Who will run? Who will be nominated? Who will be your savior this time around? Who will give you a check? Who will ‘fix’ the country? Who will be tasked with continuing the madness? Which trimmer will get called into the game by the ruling ‘elites’ to compete in this selection-based political process? Will it be Biden again, Trump, DeSantis, M. Obama, or the new lauded democrat, RFK, Jr., or any others in the cadre of political scum of wanna-be rulers vying for the selected top spot? It does not matter you see, as so long as this voting insanity continues, this country and world will persist in flushing all freedom down the proverbial toilet bowl of dreams, while the lowly complicit masses cheer on their political gods.

    The idiotic notion of the myth of representative government, democracy, and the ludicrous lie of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” will once again be shouted from the rooftops by most all involved, including the clueless voters. There have been 59 previous presidential elections since 1789, and things have worsened after every single ‘election’ in the history of this country…………

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    ~ H.L. Mencken


    • Tapestry says:

      You want Biden back? Or a Clinton? Politics is as you say a corrupted world, but it is one area where we can, and have to try. Kennedy is as clean a version of corrupted as you can imagine. Find me a better candidate and I’ll happily swap. If you don’t participate in the falsehood of democracy, they win outright. We may win only one or two minor victories for our efforts but let’s have those. Robin Tilbrook winning the case against the trafficking/grooming perpetrator two weeks ago and netting nearly £500,000 is a great start. Don’t give up Pete. There is more to be done. We must always do what we can do. The spirit world knows and will help us if we help ourselves, but not if we give up. Anti-war Presidents and politicians are brave men. They are also rare.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        No Henry, Biden, Clinton, all of them, I don’t want any of them, Kennedy included. They are all false prophets

        To me they are all just symbols of power, they hold no real power themselves, they are good at feathering their own nests though. They are a curtain for the real power, certainly at the national level

        They consistently demonstrate that they have signed up to an undeclared agenda that is different to their manifestos too. They don’t really publicise their intentions, rather declare them quietly so most folk aren’t aware of their deception. It’s like two different realities, their actual, largely private one, and their public, largely false one. They don’t give a damn for us, being wealthy and comfortable themselves

        I’ve not voted this century as far as I recall. I think that the last time was for Bliar’s first. I soon realised his game and I started to wake up to the realities of our crazy realm and that was that

        I’ve not given up either, I agree that there are good folk like Robin and others. And I agree that our human spirit is vital. And I agree that we must always do what we can, which is what I do. I do not consent to the madness, I do not comply, I try not to give the globalists corporations any of my hard earned. I help other folk whenever I can and more

        • Tapestry says:

          I never doubted your courage and commitment Pete. I’m aiming solely at the political level. Of course politics is treacherous, but what alternatives do we have but to com-pete so far as we can? If there is more advantage in not trying to pick a potential helper to the cause then what is it? Allowing our tormentors and killers to have an open field is not sense. Kennedy has campaigned personally for an end to mandated medical interventions, written a brilliant book on the subject, compared to him Trump’s a total buffoon. Of course he will only be allowed to play by the banksters if they can use him for a purpose – being what? stopping Trump? I don’t follow US politics closely. I wonder what Louis Perron has to say. As Mercola says today, the reason so many States didn’t allow mandated vaccines is down to the campaigning against it in the USA locally by well-informed people. Kennedy has done a lot to inform that campaign. Politics has many levels. We have to use all of them – if only to get messages out so the killers can’t have an open goal on our lives. In a game of acting, we too need to act – not necessarily believe – but act out a role and be ready to fight at all levels, as required. Kennedy has saved many lives. Interestingly Louis Perron, who is very well connected in US politics doesn’t mention Kennedy anywhere… I imagine he’ll have to make a Kennedy comment soon, but Perron has some big paying consultancy positions, which obviously think not mentioning Kennedy is their first tactic to block his campaign – as well as setting off fire alarms.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            Thanks Tap, you are very kind, and you make good points

            Yes, politics has many levels and I was talking only about the top level. I realised, as I was typing, that there are many situations where what I was saying isn’t necessarily like that. Many good folk, with many good intentions who do deserve support. People like Robin and the Teds. Who else is there in national UK politics though? The party system badly needs reform to be effective for us I think

            Local US politics is different, and far more effective for local situations it seems. But local UK politics has been sidelined, in effect. The central powers issue policies that mandate local action and are inescapable. I see this all the time in my grandkids education, my local government, the NHS etc etc. So different to the US which has a real written constitution [which has also been subverted in most respects] And where far more people understand their basic rights, and have a better, more insistent, attitude towards them too

            Their covid vaxx uptake % showed that quite clearly, the lowest uptake in the western world was in the US as far as I know. Without the US then, the globalists are sunk. Which is why they make so much effort there I suppose

            • Tapestry says:

              All showing that England needs freeing from the so-called United Kingdom. Westminster is owned by the slave masters. Full independence the only worthwhile ain. Devolution is an invitation for permanent emasculation.