Kennedy has his own channels of communication, so main media can’t block him out.

In the wake of RFK Jr.’s filing with the FEC, signalling his intention to run for President, as a Democrat, Gateway Pundit cited his “massive following” and the sales of his bookThe Real Anthony Fauci—over one million copies.

Kennedy has visibility.

The DNC doesn’t want him around.

Kennedy’s stance against the COVID vaccines is enough to drive Lefty Democrats crazy.

This could get interesting. Kennedy has his own strong channel of communication with his followers, so major media can’t black him out.

Conservative websites tend to like him. They’ll give him space and coverage.

Kennedy isn’t a dedicated socialist. That’s a surprise. He wants to make mega-corporations pay for the damage they do. As in: shell out big bucks to clean up the poisonous pollution they spread into the environment.

Some Democrats still consider that a priority, when they’re not busy campaigning for genital mutilation surgery for kids and calling it the Lord’s work.

And there are a surprising number of liberals who defend one of Kennedy’s major causes—health freedom—the right of every person to manage his/her own health choices; including the right to refuse specific medical treatments. Vaccines would be one of those.

He’s not going to run a cosmetic campaign for the Presidency. He’s not going to preen and tap dance.

“But…but he’s not PERfect. Wah-wah. He doesn’t support every possible method of getting oil out of the ground, he worked on John Kerry’s campaign, and he doesn’t…”

I know that. As we come closer to the election, I’ll unveil The Ageless Great Prophet from the Mountain, who is absolutely flawless in every possible respect, has been vetted by 1000 whining bloggers in mommy’s basement, and is also running for the Presidency, on the Alternative Enlightened Universe Party ticket. But until then, I have positive things to say about Kennedy.

If he can get past the network censors and stand on stage for televised debates during the campaign, and get face time, Kennedy will stir up a good kind of trouble. He’ll make points people need to hear. He’ll mean business.

A couple of highlights from his work as an attorney/activist: co-counsel on a monster winning 2018 lawsuit against Monsanto’s Roundup; a successful effort to clean up the foul Hudson River. Both efforts were mounted against long odds.

Kennedy and DeSantis know each other. On certain issues, like heinous vaccine mandates, they have the same view. “NO.” That could make for some interesting byplay.

“But…but he can’t win the election. And he might take votes away from DeSantis or Trump…”

All sorts of people might take votes away from other people.

“But…but the vote is going to be rigged, so it doesn’t matter…”

If it doesn’t matter, then what Kennedy has to say isn’t going to do harm, it’s going to do some good.

“But…but if we focus on the election, we take our focus away from what really matters…”

Newsflash: There are a whole lot of things that really matter. Doing something about any one of them can take time away from the others.

Go to Kennedy’s websiteChildren’s Health Defense. Read the articles they churn out, day after day, in The Defender section.

I want him to have as much visibility as possible. I want him to cause as much good trouble as possible. I want Democrats to remember some of the issues they used to champion, before they decided everyone they disagree with has to be shouted down, attacked, and called a racist.

I want Democrats to remember they once knew the FDA was corrupt to the core.

They knew giants like Pfizer were mega-corporate liars and criminals.

They knew Monsanto’s GMOs were a major crime.

They knew the federal government and huge corporations were colluding day and night.

They knew US involvement in foreign wars was a con and a crime and a money pot for the defense industry.

They knew the Chinese model of government was a tyranny, not a “wonderful way to stem the tide of a pandemic.”

They even knew freedom of speech was a right and a necessity.

They weren’t grotesque germophobes.

They weren’t Stalinesque riot mobs canceling everything that moves except themselves.

So go get it, Bobby. Kick some serious ass. Stir some crazed loons’ memories of a time when they were better.

You may have noticed that in this piece, I’m arguing against the type of person who sees elections as complete dead ends. Here’s why:

I don’t have a STAKE in saying they’re dead ends. I don’t have a STAKE in the bigger agenda often behind that, which is: WE’RE ALL DOOMED AND THERE’S NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

I don’t have a stake in that. I don’t believe it. And this is what I’d say to the legions of people who do believe it:

Since you’re sure we’re all doomed, then all bets are off. So my suggestion is, PRETEND WE’RE NOT DOOMED. What have you got to lose? You’ve already lost. PRETEND WE’RE NOT DOOMED, and FIGHT from that premise. Fight as if it matters.

Enter the arena. And if in the course of fighting, you change your mind, you’ll feel better and think better.

And who knows what else might happen.

Even if elections are dead ends, election campaigns don’t have to be.

Certain people running for office can step into the light and galvanize the public.

Certain AUTHENTIC candidates can throw caution to the wind and give it their all.

And remind others what relentless dedication to the Good looks like.

Robert Kennedy might be one of those candidates.

— Jon Rappoport

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