Just Wondering.

ian.   During the build up to the Bush/Blair Iraq invasion, dodgy dossier etc Scott Ritter was a pain in their side.. He disproved everything they said, and cast a light on their dodgy dealings. That was until he was jailed for sex charges. I suspect that he was set up to shut him up. It worked. I just feel that given this, why is he being so vocal on Ukraine. Possibly he’s clean now and learned his lesson, but he could be controlled also. Just a thought.

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter was found guilty of six charges after online sex sting
Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter at court, where he was found guilty of six charges relating to an online sex sting. Photograph: Rich Schultz/AP

Former UN weapons inspector found guilty in online sex case

This article is more than 12 years old
Scott Ritter, chief inspector in Iraq in 1990s, masturbated in online chat with detective posing as underage girl

A former United Nations weapons inspector caught in an online sex sting has been found guilty of six charges, including unlawful contact with a minor, after exchanging explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl in an online chatroom and then performing a sex act on himself.

Scott Ritter, 49, exchanged sexual messages with a detective posing as an underage girl and masturbated even after the undercover officer stressed during the chat that she was a minor, prosecutors said.

“The jury reached the right decision,” assistant district attorney Michael Rakaczewski said after the verdict. “They saw the case for what it is and the defendant for what he is and what he did.”

Neither Ritter nor his lawyer, Gary Kohlman, commented outside the court in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Ritter, of New York, was one of the UN’s chief weapons inspectors in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. He resigned after accusing the US and UN of failing to get tough with Saddam Hussein. Later, he said Iraq had destroyed its weapons of mass destruction, and he became a vocal critic of the US invasion.

He will be sentenced next month. Each of the five charges carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison, but Ritter is likely to get much less under sentencing guidelines.

Kohlman acknowledged in his closing argument that jurors were likely to be “troubled and offended” by the graphic chat and video of Ritter that prosecutors played, but they were required to put aside their personal distaste because “this is not a referendum on whether anybody in the courtroom approves of adult chatrooms”.

He said the case turned on Ritter’s intent.

Ritter took the witness stand on Wednesday and said he believed the person he met in a Yahoo chatroom on 7 February 2009 was an adult acting out her own fantasy.

He was sentenced to 18 to 66 months in jail.






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  1. sovereigntea says:

    There is no love lost between Biden & Ritter perhaps this helps motivate the latter.

    Scott Ritter on Joe Biden Mocking War


    Ritter got off lightly compared with Dr David Kelly British weapons inspector murdered in the same timeframe.

    Its highly likely that Ritter was set up for his conviction in a similar manner to British lawyer Michael Shrimpton who was jailed for kiddy porn on his hard drive. The supposed hard drive was switched ( idiots didnt realise that each drive has a unique hardware serial number and manufacturing date ).

  2. Tapestry says:

    Scott Ritter is gung ho about Russian victory over NATO, as if in opposition to the pro-Ukrainian stance of the main media. Only thing being, insiders know Russian victory over NATO is the plan. I guess the Russian tanks and air attacks will stop short of England at the channel. Or space weaponry could be deployed. Scott could be an insider – allowed to operate within certain limits – never mentioning what could happen after Ukraine’s defeat, like all the others such as Mercouris, Christoforou etc. Those two are very relaxed in style. Ritter seems stressed.

  3. danceaway says:

    Scott’s wife is Georgian, so his family ties to the Russian people and culture are closer?

    • ian says:

      Thanks for that info D’, I didn’t know that. It may explain his involvement.

  4. danceaway says:

    In one of Scott’s conversations with Ania K, he went into great detail about what his father in law told him about the horror of his personal experience, and then told Scott he would never speak of it again. His in-laws were well-educated Georgians who lost everything, if I remember correctly, and Scott said they helped raise Scott’s twin daughters. Her spoke of how his father in law would hold his daughter’s tight, as he had seen so many babies, children, and mothers perish attempting to escape across the mountains in winter.

    • ian says:

      Disturbing emotional experiences there D’. We have been spared, if that’s the word, such events, as our owners targeted foreign countries. Death and terror are only too common to many peoples around the world many from our government’s hands. Things look like they might change very soon, and we might face such things. Thank you for this information, and excellent comments.