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Jack Teixeira. No way, Jose.

Gonzalo exposes Guardian, Washington Post bullshit, with the greatest ease.  CIA documents of Ukraine’s military dispositions were exposed last week.  How can an air force 21 year old in Massachussetts have any role at all in a CIA leak?  He couldn’t.

Accusing Jack is FBI, acting under control of the White House.  They chose Jack – to frame as a suitable target – white, male, a right-winger, believes in God and guns, ant-Semitic, anti LGQPT+- and use him as the scapegoat.

The White House is panicking about the leak, showing Ukrainian losses are 7:1 against Russians killed – and they need a way to counter the details of the leak and try to show Ukraine has any chance of winning.  Ukraine has no chance.

It’s a psyop.  There is no way Jack was the origin of the leak.

Zelensky and his buddies (many in the White House potentially) have skimmed off $400 million at least (that’s the amount that’s provable).  They need to keep the war going regardless of the hopelessness of fighting Russia.

TAP.  I see the plan as killing off first Ukraine, then Poland and the Baltics, followed by Germany and France and the rest.  Russia doesn’t need all that on her plate, but if NATO refuses to make peace, war will continue ongoing until land runs out.

Once Russia has Europe at its feet, the true nature of the Putin regime will start to appear – are they agents of the Chinese Communist Party ready to impose one world government, and end the freedoms of Western Europe and the West, which was

released with the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution three centuries ago?

China’s job militarily will be to destroy the USA and Japan etc.  The CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) wouldn’t be allowing a war to continue if it didn’t have a reason and an aim.  What other aim could there be?  Wall Street always wanted Communism for the masses, and capitalism only for the few.  It will take a world war, and there’s one coming along as we type.