Islamic UK Is Here Take It Seriously. It Will Be Cemented At The “Coronation”

Islamic UK Is Here Take It Seriously. It Will Be Cemented At The “Coronation”.

LONDONISTAN: Muslim Mayor; 423 New Mosques; 500 Shuttered Churches

Guy Leven-Torres

As I stated years ago Britain is intended to become an Islamic State in the guise of multiculturalism. Christianity is at the bottom of the dung-heap the country now resembles. A day or two ago Iftar was held in any number of formerly Christian places of worship. In Islamic “law” these places are now considered Islamic shrines, soon to be forbidden to the infidel. On Tower Bridge the Muezzin was called out for all to hear from that once famous location. Pharoah Khan has festooned Oxford and Regents Streets in Eid decorations. Effectively as one of the Peoples mentioned in the Koran we Christians will in time be made to pay the jizya tax as a ‘protected’ group under the Islamic King or Potentate.

I suspect the ‘Lockdown’ and mask wearing was all part of this as are the 15 minute zones around UK cities that will condition the imprisoned to paying fines as part of jizya.

There is strong evidence that Charles converted to Islam many years ago. However, I am trying to locate it without success except from one video from the USA. The evidence is in the heraldry of King Charles. Around 12 years ago a supposed spoof was written in New English Review entitled the Lancaster Plan to Make UK Islamic. It was not a spoof but a very well written article let out by Counter Intelligence to warn us all about the situation that has become reality.

We are currently experiencing a full on hijra invasion across the Channel. The election of a known Islamist in London and to lead Scotland is all part of this process….that appears to now be unstoppable. The ‘British” are now too soft and decadent to resist and I predict many will simply become Moslem for an easy life. This will take place firstly among the Upper Class or former New Labour/SNP elite then the dumb besotted herd will follow.

The current spate of open paedophilia is being pushed on our TV screens to hasten our shocked population into the strongly moral Islam. I also warned of this years ago. Chrislam will be proposed as the new “faith”. I will never accept this errant nonsense but most will it seems and this desecration of Christian cathedrals and churches over Easter was the announcement of this. 

Bishop Guy






7 Responses to “Islamic UK Is Here Take It Seriously. It Will Be Cemented At The “Coronation””

  1. Tapestry says:

    True Moslems are no problem, and good people. The religion has not had an enlightenment like christianity. They could do with one. Their belief system will be cut back in time. We all pray to the same god. Charles is a major thorn in our sides on all fronts. His God is surely Lucifer. He clearly hates England and wants us all dead, taking a leading role in the United Nations for thirty years – Joan Veon was reporting on this until her untimely death, her book the Sustainable Prince i9s a good source. The elites run the Moslem/Christian thing as a way to keep us all divided. Moslems on an individual basis make great friends and are good cooperators. Don’t let them keep us apart.

    • John says:

      What can you do when the majority of the UK population both Christian and non Christians can’t or won’t see what’s going on. I feel it’s gone past the point of no return and massive change and restructuring is coming that cannot be stopped. In fact I would say it’s happening right in front of our eyes but is not being seen for what it is. How have people become so blind?

      • ian says:

        Is it just recently John? All the first and second World War crap was and still in believed. Today I admit it’s easier than before with TV. The majority are desperate to fit in and be accepted and be one of the herd. Anyone thinking outside the official box is ridiculed. etc etc. Most too, haven’t got time to research, they have stuff to do. TBH it infuriates me that they can’t see it. Challenging authority is a big no-no for them too. It makes them squirm when someone else does it. They live in a small space where TV is their friend. They agree with their friends, and everyone fits in happily. We mean painful ideas, rattled cages, and things that odd people talk about but obviously can’t understand, because they’re retards.

        • John says:

          Maybe it’s the pain of awakening and shear amount of hard work, study and solitude needed to become aware that puts them off. As the late Stuart Wilde said “the path of the initiate is a path of great loneliness”. Whether you call it the 33 temples up the Nile, the climb up Jakob’s ladder, the (true) great work, the hero’s journey or anything in that vein it requires effort and commitment. It seems many don’t want to put the time and effort in. They would rather be in the matrix and taste the roast beef. So sad as the great work is greatly rewarding.

      • Chris x says:

        People are distracted with bread and circuses and they also prefer the reassuring lies to inconvenient truths.

        They were so propagandised that they’d clap every Thursday night for the NHS.

  2. newensign says:

    They may appear “nice chaps” now, but if one looks back through history, Islam, whose holy book was written by a Nestorian Jew, based on their Talmud after Kaja Mohmed’s Edomite Catholic wife got him hallucinating after doping him with drugs. These same people allied themselves with the Khazarian Mafia to bring down the Byzantine Empire of a 1000 years and allowed the Moors into Spain by opening the city gates while the Spanish were in praying. Christianity isn’t a religion, its “The Way” which is following the Law as given in the Scriptures which to a large extent is enshrined in our common law which has now been covered up by a spider’s web of fiction of merchant contract law only under the common law can we remain free under true law! Certainly no Sharia Law!! The true church (community) was destroyed by Constantine now in many sects and mainly antichrist. True Christians are mainly outside the nominal church!