Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Is your car recording you? If you own a late model car today, chances are pretty good that it is, because all modern cars today are connected to the Internet for the transmission of data, and these modern cars are also often equipped with several cameras.

Tesla cars can have up to 9 cameras, and now an explosive report published by Reuters this week, who interviewed several former employees from Tesla, confirms that Tesla vehicles have the ability to record and transmit what goes on both inside, and outside the vehicle.

These employees admitted that they often shared hilarious, and sometimes embarrassing, videos of Tesla owners among themselves in their own private chat network.

Some of the recordings caught Tesla customers in embarrassing situations. One ex-employee described a video of a man approaching a vehicle completely naked.

Also shared: crashes and road-rage incidents. One crash video in 2021 showed a Tesla driving at high speed in a residential area hitting a child riding a bike, according to another ex-employee. The child flew in one direction, the bike in another. The video spread around a Tesla office in San Mateo, California, via private one-on-one chats, “like wildfire,” the ex-employee said.


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