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I’m Really Sorry!

W Gelles

I’m Really Sorry!

By W Gelles

Sorry you fell for the Covid hoax.
Sorry you got vaxxed with the poison.
Sorry you didn’t learn the truth.
You threw out common sense and reason.
Sorry you bought the wokeist crap,
obsessing over race and trannies
while Soros-funded propaganda
clogs up your brain’s nooks and crannies.

You’ve been acting awfully strange,
out of touch with reality.
Maybe it’s the Covid shots.
They injure the brain with nanoparticles
and fill the bloodstream with micro-clots
so you agree when your TV
tells you 1 plus 1 is 3.

Sorry you’re a fan of censorship
(and you call yourself a “liberal” yet!).
Sorry you like the war economy
drowning us in trillions of debt.
Sorry you swallowed the climate-change bunk.
CO2 hasn’t killed us yet.
It’s essential for plant life and the Earth
and despite what wokeist morons say
men aren’t fitted for giving birth.

You’ve been acting awfully weird
and it’s much worse than I had feared.
You used to be free-thinking and bold
but now you do as you are told.
Elections stolen in broad daylight
and you can’t even admit what’s right.
Big Pharma’s lies are killing millions
yet you keep your lips sealed tight.

Sorry you’re a gung-ho fan of Ukraine,
a corrupt nation run by thugs.
Putting nukes right next to Moscow
shouldn’t earn Zelensky hugs.
You’ve showered him with trillions of dollars
which your grandchildren will have to pay.
If you persist in your blindness
nuclear war will be coming our way.

You’ve been acting quite bizarre
but lies can only take you so far.
One day the truth may land on your head
and jolt you awake before you’re dead
and then you’ll flee when your TV
tells you 1 plus 1 is 3.

Sorry you think that math is racist
and that “Defund The Cops” is sensible talk.
Sorry to hear “the knockout game”
may lay you low when you take a walk.
Sorry you go along with the herd.
A lot of what you believe is absurd
and the corporate pablum that you swallow
is making you conformist and hollow.

I’m really, truly, deeply sorry
about what you have somehow become—
a wokeist bloke, a living joke
willfully blind, deaf, and dumb.
I hope you wake up soon from your slumber
or else, I fear, our days are numbered.

Abridged edition—

I’m really sorry that you got brainwashed
sorry you fell for the Covid hoax
sorry you got the genetic jab
that’s killing and maiming millions of folks.
Sorry that you support censorship—
the opposite of what true “liberals” do.
The mainstream media’s propaganda
has made a zombie out of you.
Trump is no saint but he’s not The Devil.
RFK Jr. is open to truth.
What the Biden regime is doing
is ruining the country, and mostly evil.
I hope you wake up one day soon
and think for yourself like a normal person,
like the way you used to be
before you fell for the wokeist poison.

Note: Feel free to send this sincere, heartfelt “apology” to your estranged family members and former friends.