iearlgrey – Putin Visits Donbass. Leopard 2 Knocked Out IN POLAND. BY UKRAINE. EC Dismisses Toxic Grain Claim.

Putin arrived at the headquarters of the troops “Dnepr” by helicopter

The traditional procession of the “Immortal Regiment” will not take place

Nabiullina announced work on the return of the frozen foreign exchange reserves of Russia

Ukrainian military tore off the tower of the Polish tank Leopard 2

Evan Gershkovich, Wall Street Journal reporter accused by Russia of spying, appears in Moscow court:

Slovakia bans food imports from Ukraine, joining Poland and Hungary:

Toxic Grain Contamination Found in Grain From Ukraine:

European Commission Dismisses Concerns Over Pesticide-polluted Ukrainian Grain:

American journalist beaten in Moscow, source says

Attacker beat up American journalist Dugan in Moscow metro

Friend of Daria Dugina American Dougan spoke about the fight in the Moscow metro

General Staff officer will pay a fine for taking a bribe in the form of a washing machine

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