iearlgrey – Putin “Showed Middle Finger”. Turkey Claims WORLD HATES U.S. Russian ‘Ghost Ships’ Terrorise Baltic.

Putin “showed the middle finger to the United States” by receiving an important guest in the Kremlin:

Putin met with a sanctioned Xi Jinping aide, a middle finger to the US that could help Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

Turkish interior minister says world hates US:

Medvedev commented on the words of Seoul about the possibility of supplying weapons to Kyiv:

The Bulgarian government decided to ban the import of Ukrainian grain:

Romania may impose restrictions on agricultural products from Ukraine:

EC pledges €100 million to lift ban on Ukrainian grain imports:

The police came to the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, media reported:

RBC: chewing gum became the most expensive product in Russia in a year:

Russian ‘Ghost Ships’ in Nordic Waters Raise Sabotage Concerns:

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