German demonstrations with blunt message on poster

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Dialogue works9 hours ago
A poster at a German demonstration: We are not afraid of Putin. We are afraid of you
Thousands of Germans took to the streets demanding to stop the supply of weapons to the Kiev regime. In the cities of Magdeburg, Hamburg, Fulda, residents staged demonstrations. They opposed the policy of their government, propaganda in the media, the supply of weapons to Ukraine. 🔹
According to the demonstrators, Russia is not an enemy of Germany, but the German authorities are pumping up the Armed Forces of Ukraine with modern weapons, which only delays the end of the conflict, leads to its escalation and an increase in the number of victims.

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  1. ian says:

    Nice to see. It may be just my temperament, but I view these things as futile. The MSM will blank it, the government is controlled and doesn’t care, the feeling that it’s my country has been fomented and instilled because it was a useful government technique, but in reality it’s theirs, and they own the army, and all the other countries too. If they can get enough coverage, to get the movement massive enough, they might wake a lot of folks out of their slumber which will do good, but I fear the worst.