French fight back against stuff

I’ve been in France for three months now. Their approach to this is simply fantastic.

I’d like to share a bit about it.

A very well known supermarket here decided to go cashless.

A group of 50 people got together and agreed that they would all do a big shop on the same day. Pilling their trolleys to the brim and each person getting to the checkout – the human check out, not the machines – and having everything scanned before bringing cash out.

The staff were absolutely overrun. There management in a complete tizz, everyone repeatedly, calmly and in a very organised and polite fashion acting as if they knew nothing. No edges, no rudeness, no humiliation.

The supermarket reinstated cash.

Petrol stations : filling up with fuel then only having cash to pay.


Restaurants : groups of friends going out for dinner and nobody taking phones or credit cards, only cash …


They are doing it in every single area of France. Simply refusing to be part of it.

*** Edit

The reason it works is because it’s organised in large groups. One person here and another there doesn’t work. It needs to be really carefully constructed. 👏👏




7 Responses to “French fight back against stuff”

  1. Tapestry says:

    When there is no bank issued paper, turn up with silver pounds sterling. 16 ounces to the £. Maybe get £28 per ounce at current exchange. The Unico(i)n will have to publish a silver rate – and dealers will have a buy and sell rate in every town eventually. Plus ca change.

    • ian says:

      Have you a link to buy silver from Henry?

      • Tapestry says:

        I will offer some hallmarked 1 oz marked Made In England with an English flag in a week or three at
        price around £30. I’ll need to see where fine is priced and so on. I’m only making 200 to start with as a tester. It’s the return of the Pound Sterling!

        • ian says:

          I’ll try to talk my financial advisor/controller into buying some Henry, thanks.

          • Tapestry says:

            I was trying to understand how the Unico(i)n will work. I guess it will only ever exist on a computer screen. I’d just start small with real silver £s and see how the situation develops. I just feel sure that people will like to see and feel a real £ (lb) sterling silver (or pure silver). A lb or £ was once about a month’s pay, and an ounce of silver would last a couple of days expenditure or so. I’ve no idea how people will use a real £1 now. It might be of interest to farmers selling foods or street traders or small shops. When the Unico(i)n isn’t coming through for you, a real ounce or lb might get you by for a day or two. And the currency might grow as people seek a way round the blocks. I ill propose to the English Democrats National Council that VAT is removed from all silver and maybe all copper transactions, so people can get tax-free money and change more easily

  2. NPP says:

    Great report.
    Well done the Frogs.
    Let’s hope les rosbifs follow suit.

  3. Belyi says:

    With a friend, I do my week’s shopping in France. We go to an excellent organic supermarket with a small restaurant where we also have lunch.

    For months now I’ve been going to the bank every week to draw out Euros and I pay for lunch and shopping in cash. I don’t buy much in Switzerland, but when I do, I only use cash.