*****FLASH***** British Intel Source CONFIRMS Depleted Uranium Shells from UK have arrived in Ukraine

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Radio Show April 25, 2023

***** FLASH ***** – A source within British Intelligence has confirmed to me personally that thousands of rounds of tank shells were shipped to Ukraine as supplies for donated “Challenger” tanks donated to Ukraine.  Among those thousands of tank shells are . . .  DEPLETED URANIUM SHELLS!

Russia has repeatedly and explicitly made clear that if Depleted Uranium shells are fired at Russian troops, Russia will regard the use of the ammunition as being a “Dirty Bomb” attack against Russia, and will respond with radioactive weapons of its own.  They did not say WHICH radioactive weapons.

It is now positively CONFIRMED that the United Kingdom has, in fact, successfully delivered into the possession of the Ukraine Army, Depleted Uranium tank shells.

What this means is that now, it is only a matter of time before Russia detects that such shells have been used by Ukraine, and responds.

That response will likely come without ANY warning at all.

Readers are urged to have their preps (Food, water, medicine, first-aid gear, generator, fuel, and the like) topped-off . . . and to appraise their family members of this situation.

It’s really quite simple: When Ukraine hits Russians with Depleted Uranium shells, Russia will likely hit Ukraine with full blown nuclear weapons.  If that takes place, NATO jumps-in tot he war, and it’s nuclear immediately.

OR . . .

Russia may elect to strike at the UK directly for supplying such weapons. Obviously, if THAT happens, it’s also instant nuclear war.

In either case, the fight presently between Ukraine and Russia, will very likely go nuclear, and is extremely likely to involve NATO, meaning the outbreak of literal nuclear World War 3.

This can come at any time and without any warning.

Get right with God.

Below is an explanation of Depleted Uranium in battlefield use (Click image twice to enlarge):



From Truthseeker.