Exposing The Falsification of Welsh-British History

This document (link below) exposes how the history of Britain has been falsified by first the Roman Catholic Church and then by modern academics who are not interested in historical truth but in perpetuating the contents of their textbooks. It tells the story of the two King Arthurs and how the Welsh are descended from the “Lost” tribes of Israel and that their language is very much like ancient Hebrew. Kumru = the Israelites of King Omri (Cimmerians).

Some sample paragraphs:

The fact that the ancient British Coelbren Alphabet, which was described by Julius Caesar and by Ammianus Marcellinus, and which still exists on stones and artefacts going back to around 800 BC is universally omitted from all the catalogues which claim to include all of the Alphabets of the Ancient World, raises questions which need to be answered, no matter how embarrassing this is for university employees. Were Julius Caesar, Strabo, and Ammianus Marcellinus, and others all liars? Are the pre-Christian British coins dating back to circa 200 BC all counterfeit forgeries? Are all the stones found in England, Scotland, and Wales, all fakes, although the majority were known and recorded many centuries before AD 1800? I think not.

The Ancestry of King Arthur II is as follows: King Arthur II family tree. Arthur I had a son Tathall (Theodore) whose son was Teithrin the Subtle (Theodorus), and he had a son King Teithfallt (Theodosius), and his son was King Tewdrig (Theoderic), and his son was King Meurig (Maurice), and his eldest son was Arthur II – Arthmael meaning Iron Bear in Khumric “Welsh”. This Sixth century King Arthur II c AD 503-579 is hugely recorded and again unmissable. (More detailed info to be added ASAP) In AD 562 Britain was struck by debris from a Comet and this great catastrophe that devastated and destroyed most of the great island. The majority of the large population of between 9 to 10 million were annihilated. The lands were contaminated and diseased and it was death to enter these great Wastelands for around seven to eleven years.

Constantine had little alternative other than to allow Jesus the Nazarene to be elected as God at Nicea in AD 334 because his father Constantius had been elevated to deity status by the Romans. Constantine like all the British Christians thought that God needed a home in which to reside and so they placed the home and dwelling of God in the Sun. They did NOT think that the Sun was a god, but they thought that the Sun was the residence of god. That was why no one could look upon god. The British Kings went right on through what is ridiculously termed the “Roman Period”. In AD 325 the British Empress Helen brought what was believed to be the Holy Cross from Jerusalem into Western Britain. It is still there and no one in modern times has even thought to look for it before Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. In fact no one dares to look for it as the anger of the London Government and the Church will fall upon them and seek to destroy them. The Cross is still in Wales, and it is very bad news for Rome and London. AD 322 – King Euddaf of independent Britain.

Link: Exposing-Falsification-British-Welsh-History (PDF)


3 Responses to “Exposing The Falsification of Welsh-British History”

  1. newensign says:

    Thanks John for posting this info on falsification of our history. This is a book I cobbled together from W & B notes on a talk he gave. The enemy has done its best to destroy these authors for exposing the falsehood of the state version of our history. They wanted the ancient British language destroyed as that was the language of our ancient history – they don’t want us to read it! otherwise we might discover the truth!

    • John says:

      No probs. I actually posted it for Eli James. I’ve changed the author title to reflect that. It’s a great PDF.

  2. Tapestry says:

    You need to blend this knowledge with the history written by Ralph Ellis – the exodus from Egypt around 1800 BC of Queen Scota, her husband Gael, and their son Hiber. Their Hebrew speaking descendants settled in Scotia (ireland) and Hibernia (Scotland). The various royalties pre Rothschild were their descendants. The Kings of Man were based in Anglesey. follow both the money and the language.