Dr Rima Laibow Today – Importance of getting out of WHO

Start at about 28 min to avoid many of Alex’s interruptions which are generally short but irritating; however it is worth hanging in to hear Dr Rima and her passionate pleas; she knows of what she speaks; her website is PreventGenocide2030.org. We are at a dangerous juncture, and she knows this, but believes we can outwit the psychopaths. However, it takes effort on our part.

Dr Rima also thinks that the sudden deaths by ‘planking’ (just falling over) are caused by 5G, and that ‘they’ are experimenting.




One Response to “Dr Rima Laibow Today – Importance of getting out of WHO”

  1. ian says:

    On the money. Alex Jones is annoying as Danceaway says, but a good watch.