Disabling the Government Emergency Alert System

Just received from a friend:


The alert on itself isn’t the problem and it isn’t possible to “hack” the phone via the alert. BUT… – the alert will be used by the security services to triangulate the location of every phone in the UK at a precise moment in time and then cross-reference this with other intelligence gathered by the security services and special branch, some of it for “legitimate ” reasons, but also to gather intelligence on activists of any kind that they think may pose a threat now or, more worryingly, in the future. The term being used by internally is “intelligence farming”.

The other very worrying element is the plan to make the alerts more commonplace so that people become used to receiving alerts/messages directly from the government that cannot be ignored or turned off. There’s a discussion being had as to whether an alert can be sent out with details of another strain of Covid.


2 Responses to “Disabling the Government Emergency Alert System”

  1. Tapestry says:

    They can locate phones 24/7 so not sure about the locating theory. People will be conditioned to obey their phones – they are already being so. It can be a loud voice – ‘all citizens must get home and stay there until advised – danger – deadly pandemic detected in your area’ etc

    • sovereigntea says:

      They can locate phones 24/7 even when “powered off”.

      For those wishing to entirely eliminate mobile phone connectivity simply place your phone in a microwave oven and shut the door.

      As Tap says I surmise that the exercise is all about social conditioning – getting the sheeple to jump to a govt message.

      Alas there is also the possibility that our Quisling “leaders” are intending to provoke an attack by Russia and idiotically intend using this system rather than traditional cold war style air raid sirens.

      Comically in the event of a nuclear or even conventional attack on the UK this communications system could only be expected to function at the outset of hostilities. Even a simple power failure would render the system useless.

      Further evidence that we are ruled by fools.