DARPA Unmasked

This is an extremely eye opening article and I highly recommend going through the entire article. Especially the part where they have found a way to reproduce using a frog. If this doesn’t convince you and your family, friends and neighbors to never take another injection nothing ever will. With the threat of the amendments to the IHR and the Pandemic Accord (treaty) right around the corner this information makes it even more obvious why the amendments and the accord MUST be passed in order to accomplish the agenda (global mandated ????? injections).

If our government is capable of such sociopathic experiments in their labs is anyone naive enough to think they would not implement and test these experiments on the general public?

There never was a COVID virus. The scam was created for the “vaccine” which isn’t a vaccine. But what was it? Many already know but this information shows what it could actually have been. I believe this injection was taking their experiments from the lab to the public at large and depopulation of humans is part of the agenda.   Karen Bracken truth.


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