Check out your Council’s Constitution

They (Council’s Constitutions) contain many restrictions on councillors which can be made use of when bringing a legal challenge.  They have a duty to hear more than one side of the argument, for example. has lots of good information they wish to get out to people challenging councils, and other illegal measures taken by governments under Agenda 2030.

Trade Associations need to know things  – like no meat can be eaten after 2030 – like no one will be allowed to fly.  No privately owned vehicles allowed on roads by 2030.  Only three items of clothing can be bought per year per person.

Many Councillors are unaware of these things.

Localism Act contains the seven principles of public life, which have been added to Council’s Constitutions.  Get a copy.

If everyone did this, we wouldn’t have a problem. I talk to Jane and Suzanne from about how grassroots action can stop the 15 minutes cities, low traffic neighbourhoods and all the rest of the tyrannical nonsense heading our way.

Download the help pack at:


2 Responses to “Check out your Council’s Constitution”

  1. newensign says:

    Thanks for the PDF link Sovereigntea. Of course we don’t have Councils anymore, now they are corporations trading for profit and are quoted on the stock exchange. That’s why they have CEO’s and not town clerks anymore. Councillors were paid just expenses but are now paid a large stipend!