Bridgen opposes Pandemic Treaty powers being requested by WHO

Andrew Bridgen MP speaks in the debate on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) pandemic prevention and preparedness treaty and accompanying amendments to the international health regulations, to raise his objections to signing up to treaties that would empower the WHO’s director-general to impose sweeping, legally binding directives on member states overriding UK sovereignty.


4 Responses to “Bridgen opposes Pandemic Treaty powers being requested by WHO”

  1. ian says:

    Bridgen was sacked for asking questions. Changing things are beyond his pay grade. Yes he seems decent if he’s for real, but he’ll give false hope where none is due. It’s a done deal.

  2. Chris x says:

    Andrew Bridgen is shining a light onto this globalist government, exposing the vaccine lies and the WHO plan.

    Most of the sheep will have no interest, but if he educates a small minority, that is still a large number of people to tell the Davos gang to shove off.

    • ian says:

      Yes possibly Chris, I just feel that the likes of Andrew Bridgen, and Katie Hopkins, and other semi celebrities will preven a more grass roots “rebellion”, from forming, ie it gives the “movement an idol or leader without actually doing anything. They and we, might be being led to slaughter. Paranoid perhaps, but his situation may have been a plan. Many people, rather than do anything, will feel as if they’ve “done their bit”, by attending a rally. I of course may be totally wrong, and I accept that, and don’t know if there is anything better that we could do. These people make the laws up as they go along, and have police and troops, armed if necessary, we have nothing to resist with.