Asylum-Seekers in Wales to Get £1,600-Per-Month State Benefits Plus Legal Aid

While the British government is hurrying through legislation to allow illegal immigrants to be deported with no right to claim political asylum or refugee status, opposition parties and the devolved Scottish and Welsh governments oppose that policy.
Asylum-seekers housed in Wales will get a new £1,600-per-month state benefit along with legal aid to challenge deportation orders.



20 Responses to “Asylum-Seekers in Wales to Get £1,600-Per-Month State Benefits Plus Legal Aid”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    I’m chucking my passport and moving to Wales via a dinghy.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Asylum-seekers housed in Wales will receive £1,600-per-month and taxpayer cash to help them fight to stay in the UK, Welsh Labour ministers have announced.

    The plans which have been submitted to the UK’s Justice Secretary Lord Bellamy include a pilot scheme of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for the migrants as well as allowing them to access legal aid for their case in Britain’s courts.

    Three members of the Labour-led Senedd are co-signatories of the plans: Jane Hutt, Julie Morgan and Mick Antoniw.

    The letter to Lord Bellamy demands that all adult arrivals should receive the UBI when they get to Wales and not be deprived of help with their legal fees.

    The request follows a similar scheme which provides the same amount of UBI to care leavers for two years after they leave state care.

    The plan will also apply to child asylum-seekers who turn 18 after they arrive in Wales, should they get the go-ahead.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Blimey that is very very generous. It’s a lot more than my state pension, which I paid into for over 40 hard working years!

    How the heck is that justifiable? It clearly isn’t. The people doing this have lost their minds,. It’s like a massive advert to encourage such freeloaders from all over the planet to come here. Crazy

    All of my adult life I’ve been listening to various UK politicians promising to fix this problem. It should surely be very easy for an island nation to control. Simple policy, you turn up on our shores as an illegal and you are automatically deported back to where you came from, mainly France I guess. Unless you can PROVE that you are not an economic migrant. Such proof would obviously have to reveal the nation of origin too

    Not a chance of that though is there. Unaccountable globalists rule over all local governments in the west

    • ian says:

      Yes indeed Pete. My pension will be similar to yours, and the Welsh pensioners. They seem to be trying to provoke a reaction. Wales is a small Country, so a good testing ground. Blood boiling.

  4. newensign says:

    I don’t think they have lost their marbles, its going exactly as planned by the satanic controllers hidden away in that trinity of evil in the City of London, Washington DC and Rome, using their crazy puppets in their soap opera called Government. Its all about destroying our race and culture especially our God given law enshrined in common law and Scriptures!

    • John says:

      Correct. Nothing is going wrong. The rulers and controllers are following an agenda. It’s just they just haven’t told you about it. Expect to see more of the same as we go through the current solar dimming. Vote these traitors out or blame yourselves when the pain starts. On another point. Are they asylum seekers or UN troops brought over to take control when the indigenous peoples realize what’s going on?

      • ian says:

        Good point John, Henry suggested the same. Most by far of the immigrants are military aged men. Having said that, will the masses wake up? I recently mentioned my neighbour’s Father, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons after the arm stab, He and his wife have both had Covid 4 times, and he told me how lucky they were to be jagged as the Covid was terrible, image if we’d never had the jags. Many are in the dark to the same degree. They Will also back any government move to make compliance compulsory. We live in interesting times.

        • newensign says:

          Yes John and Ian, there is evidence from various sources but not on the MSM, that, that is exactly what is happening ie they are an UN army coming in under guise of refugees. One of the training areas is in Thetford forest where un armoured military vehicles have been seen! A modern Trojan Horse!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes Ian, newensign and John, I know that they don’t THINK that they’ve lost their minds, far from it. But, on the face of it then, they clearly have, because it makes no logical sense at all for our nation, none whatsoever. They KNOW that too [GlobalistsRUs]

      A hidden agenda is obvious for anyone who is not brainwashed, politically naive, or pacified by the ongoing madness. We all know that don’t we

      Some, further good points from all of you too

      Yes, Ian, blood boils

      • John says:

        Add everything that’s going on to the backdrop of a soul trap and management of consciousness then at least for me a picture starts to emerge.

        Are we in a real life Trueman Show? I’m damn sure we are myself.

        • ian says:

          Quite a fanciful idea John. I was born into a poor working class family. Within the working class, the better looking folks with a reasonable intelligence seem to thrive as long as they’re prepared to work. There are the “untnrmenchen”, who don’t want work and are in reality unemployable, junkies etc. There are middle class families, whose ancestors pass on reasonable assets in property and finance, giving new generations an easy coast through life. There are rich b4stards who through being born into rich families are led to believe they are superior, have networks to enable each other and a belief that they are rulers. I’m pretty sure that if Charles was tested in multiple areas, intellect, physical abilities etc etc, he wouldn’t be winning any medals anytime soon. The other “elite” would vary and one or two might shine, but most, I’m very sure, couldn’t tie their own shoe laces. If they were to be annihilated, the world might have a better chance of peace, ’till the next arrogant bunch of self infatuated psychopaths got into powerful positions. Kalergi suggested most of our recent immigration problems, indicating the direction that’s coming from. The Frankfurt School cultural Marxists, likewise. I may be wrong obviously, but I don’t think it’s complicated, just illegal to say who’s behind all this.

          • John says:

            Piece by piece we’re waking up and working this out. It’s a mixture of genetics, life spans, consciousness levels and drawing energy off the dumbed-down and poor souls at the bottom. Who or ultimately is behind this? Personally I believe it’s a black rock. A black rock that can reach humanity telepathically and through scrying devices such as modern smart phones. It wants something and it’s prepared to reward (temporarily) those who help it achieve it’s goal. The more you help it the further up the food chain you go. I would also suggest this black rock has infiltrated and controls the main Abrahamic religions.

            • newensign says:

              Yes John, it is known as the apocalypse, which means “The Revealing” for there is nothing hid that shall not be revealed and the delusion we are under will be removed as we are told the truth will set us free, at least those with eyes to see will! It was foretold that knowledge would increase in the later days. Knowledge has always been increasing. But this word is from the true Hebrew means “knowledge of the enemy ” This has certainly been the case with the start of this millennium and the twin towers! It started to immerge during WWI and WW2. Prior to 2000 we, and I include myself, did not realise that our civilised part of the world where we were, were living on top of a volcano of absolute evil!

            • ian says:

              Indeed John, Please don’t mistake my comment as disrespectful of your views. We are all on the same side. I just tend to talk clumsily and basically. I respect all views, and as I often say, I accept that my views may be wrong. Life is about learning.

              • John says:

                I didn’t. All view points and opinions are welcomed and equally valid. Open and honest discussion is a valuable tool to discovering what’s really going on. I think Hebrew is an essential language to understand as it’s seems to be the language of the controllers. Especially proto Hebrew. They’ve communicated in code for centuries and we are rapidly decoding their plan. That puts them on the back foot and capable of anything.

                • ian says:

                  Perhaps you could post something on the Hebrew thing John, or point us in the right direction. I genuinely know nothing of this.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  It’s a big subject Ian

                  Here is a site:

                  Second bullet point:
                  If you’re already familiar with Miles Mathis & his work, you can head right to the big sections of ancient texts, names and symbols, where I show they’re all encryption puns. Most important are the word-by-word analyses, where you can see that ancient texts in all cultures are actually encrypted instructions for disguise & deception. It works in Hebrew, Latin, Greek and Chinese.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  Don’t be put off by the Mathis reference Ian.

                  Here is the intro to the site:

                  Welcome to Ancient Spooks, my website about ancient spookery & punnery! I analyze hidden encryptions in ancient texts, to show that rulers have always systematically disguised themselves, and deceived their subjects about everything, just like they do today. And they’ve written it down too!

                  If you’re new to this, you might want to read the introduction, and then take a peek at the best-of section.

  5. Belyi says:

    A therapist, who has a client working for the social services here in Switzerland, told me that she was sick to the back teeth of the Ukrainian refugees. Apparently they get anything they want.

    They also get something like 4000 CHF a month. If you require state help because you’ve got through all your savings, you get nothing like that.