April 23 – Catherine Austin Fitts- We’re at a Tipping Point

HenryMakow.com – April 23, 2023

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 I highly recommend you set aside an hour to listen to this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. It begins with an Oct 2020 clip from Augustin Carsten, the General Manger of the Bank of International Settlements. He explicitly says the intention of the CBDC’s is Chinese Style social credit: TOTAL CONTROL by controlling your purchases based on your social media and other behavior. ‘Your money is our money. You only get to use it with our consent.’


Fitts says the bank runs were instigated deliberately to take out regional banks. She says the ghoulish globalist plan is to enslave mankind and create a dystopia to which she would prefer death. She says a nation that attacks and destroys its children has no future. She says COVID was just window dressing to establish a control grid. She recommends a dozen steps to fight CBDC starting with using cash. She says America’s problem is one of governence – corruption and loss of faith in rule of law.

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