An Opportunity to Listen to organic farmer, Julian Rose; what is organic farmer, Charles, up to?

‘We need Real food – Real Life, not GMO or Robots’, says Organic Farmer and founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology, Sir, Julian Rose. But time is running out!

The King has passed an Act to allow our food to be manipulated and devalued. This is NOT the way to better health, nor a wholesome way to live.


5 Responses to “An Opportunity to Listen to organic farmer, Julian Rose; what is organic farmer, Charles, up to?”

  1. ian says:

    Indeed he is correct. Watt Tyler was offered to meet the King unarmed and alone, and was stabbed to death by a friend of the King, because he wasn’t unarmed and alone. The Russians were self governing communities before the ahem, Bolsheviks took over and took their food away, (think Bill Gates +climate warfare). Being educated and having a posh voice may make you sound smart, but none of this will work while those against can make up laws on a whim. They also have guns, we don’t.

    • ian says:

      And even if we did, and imagine that we got together without arousing suspicion, and took over the Country and destroyed the army and all against us. We’d be invaded tomorrow, or nuked, or flooded out. This is bigger than us. Survival is all we can try for.

  2. ian says:

    “When you notice that in order to produce you need to get permission from those who do not produce anything;
    When you observe that money flows to those who do not deal in goods, but in favors;
    When you realize that many become rich through bribery and through influence, and not through their work, that the laws do not protect you from the powerful, but, on the contrary, that laws are used to protect the powerful from you;
    When you discover that corruption is rewarded and that honesty is an act of self-sacrifice, then you can assert, without any fear of being wrong, that your society is doomed.”
    Ayn Rand.

  3. newensign says:

    Interestingly Danceaway he mentions Watt Tyler and self governing communities. That is somewhat like it used to be in the days of “Merry England” – the parasites had been moved off from the people’s backs – only a few weeks work required and plenty of time for leisure. The days of merry England are referred to as the Dark Ages by the enemy because they were unable to practice their evil of usury – loan sharking. The parish was a self governing community but under the Law of the Land the Common law based on the Bible. Because of this there was no need for a vast army of civil servants, police, lawyers etc, There was sound money in those days of gold and silver a true measure of wealth with no need for financial advisors, banks etc. hands could be put to more productive use and with no large corporations to suck the wealth out, the communities prospered having plenty of time to grow good food!

  4. ian says:

    I’ll also mention, as good old Chuck’s involved, King Richard, after they’d killed Watt Tyler, told the peasants, like most of us to disperse and he would agree to their terms. He wouldn’t and in private said, though it’s hard to find, that he had always viewed them as vile, but will view them as viler hereafter. Nothing changes.