America Is A Wokeist Paradise

W Gelles

America Is A Wokeist Paradise

By W Gelles

America is a wokeist paradise.
Be careful whom you ask for advice.
Adam Schiff came to work in a skirt.
He said “I forgot my pronouns.”
Nancy Pelosi wore a mini-skirt.
She said “I’m a Pharma ho and I go down.”
Chuck Schumer is a venal yahoo.
He’s drinking borscht with Netanyahu.
He panders to blacks to get more votes
and they have the city by the throat.

America’s a wokeist paradise.
Trannies and drag queens are so cool.
The teachers torture your kids with masks
and kill them with clot-shots in oppressive schools.
America’s a wokeist paradise,
it’s a paradise for fools
where corrupted Democrats make the rules
and RINOs are their willing tools.

A.O.C. says climate change
will end the world in eight more years.
Ilhan Omar’s immigration fraud?
Thanks to Biden she has no fears.
The Southern border is wide wide open.
Illegals pour in with diseases and drugs.
They’re destroying America with fentanyl
but one day soon they’ll have good jobs
as the Democrats’ paramilitary thugs
in Black Lives Matter and Anti-fa.
The joke’s on you, America, ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

America’s a wokeist paradise,
an Empire in sad decline.
The sheeple lined up for their lethal jabs.
They bought the propaganda line.
But now too many people are dying,
dropping dead on the court, on the air.
President Biden cracks a joke:
“Their deaths must be due to tight underwear.”
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

America’s a wokeist paradise.
The crooks are running the show.
The LGBTQ flag is flying
from Mount Rushmore to the Alamo.
Inflation is raging out of control
but Biden wants boots on the ground in Ukraine.
The war-monger “liberals”, RINOs, and feminists
must be asleep or else insane.

America’s a wokeist paradise,
a paradise for fools
and if you act very, very nice
and obey all the censors’ rules
your Digital Social Credit Score
will permit you to shop online some more.
But woe betide you if you criticize
the Government and its monstrous lies.

Everyone knows Trump won the election
in 2020 by a landslide.
The Female Triathlon was won by a tranny.
Wardrobe malfunction: He let his pants slide.
“Doctor” Jill Biden makes chocolate chip cookies
but senile Joe doesn’t get much nookie.
He’s too busy sniffing twelve-year-olds’ hair
of girls or boys—he doesn’t care.
The New York Times covers up his crimes
and their presstitutes escape all fines.
It covered up the Vaccine Holocaust
at what a monumental cost!
Their loyal readers may learn too late
the vax is the killer—the bug was the bait.

The Founding Fathers are pulling out their hair
to see what’s going on down here—
Trump urges supporters to rally—another morass,
while he still boasts about his Covid kill-shots
which are killing people en masse.
Biden is wearing a dunce’s cap and sits at the back of the class.
Two-faced DeSantis is biding his time and kissing Zelensky’s ass.

America The Sensible will one day rise again
but who knows how or where or when.
America’s a wokeist paradise,
a paradise for ghouls.
So please, please don’t be insane—