3 Responses to “All Manner of Freedoms are being Eroded.”

  1. webtrekker says:

    I hate the word ‘FREEDOMS.’

    There’s only one word, and that should be ‘FREEDOM.’

    If you split Freedom up into many sections that must be achieved separately to one another then you are not FREE!

    • ian says:

      Hi webtrekker, I feel that what he says is excellent. I understand your point, but not much is perfect in the world.

      • webtrekker says:

        Hi ian. Yes, you’re right, nothing is perfect, but gaining one ‘freedom’ at the expense of losing another is a really a road to nowhere.

        As for Neil Oliver, I fully agree there. He has had to ‘wake up’ himself but s now fully aware of the game and glad he’s on our side.