AIDS caused by ‘poppers’ not HIV

The COVID news is starting to change, isn’t it?

Even Fauci and the professional liars at the NYT are
starting to admit “mistakes were made.”

How about THIS “mistake”?

37 years after serious people knew about a major source
of the disease called AIDS, the FDA finally admitted
that a chemical product that they had nothing to say
about for the last 37 years is very dangerous and killing
and injuring the people that used it.


RFK Jnr covers poppers in his 1 million selling book offering the same explanation.


2 Responses to “AIDS caused by ‘poppers’ not HIV”

  1. NPP says:

    I suspect damage to the anal canal, at the base of the spinal column. was, is a factor.

    To quote E. Michael Jones: ‘The anus is not a sex organ.’

    Forgive the blunt crudeness, but how else to put it?
    ‘Not there darling!’, said the actress to the bishop…

  2. Tapestry says:

    Gays took poppers very frequently and destroyed their own immune systems thereby. Fauci’s trick was to blame an unknown virus which he claimed he could treat with a cocktail of drugs. This cocktail killed millions.