500 vaccines per human is WHO’s goal. How the WHO is planning to kill us all.

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Sunday April 16, 2023 Truth Bomb


Global Walkout Step #4 Support Smaller Banks (we moved our money to a local credit union and only keep enough in our account to cover our monthly bills)

Redfield warned Fauci not to ‘give terrorists recipe’ to modify bird flu to kill 5%-50% of infected – WHEN will they put Fauci before a firing squad??? I saw this crawl on the Steve Bannon show and then looked it up. The video in this article is irratating so I provide the full interview (uninterrupted) below. So read the article and then jump down to the interview. There are several short clips in the video so be sure to watch the 3 clips with former CDC Director Redfield. Then a clip from Dr. Bhattacharya. Read the info as well. You will have to skip through the irritating ads. ARTICLE

HERE is the full interview with Dr. Refield on the above issue with just one interruption. Some things he said I certainly do not agree with (fast tracking the creation of vaccines and the use of Paxlovid instead of HCQ and Ivermectin..he obviously still refuses to say the injection is dangerous) but what he shares about bird flu and gain of function is the important information. John Solomon and Amanda Head also interview Dr. Bhattacharya after Dr. Redfield. Redfield states he feels we will have a bird flu epidemic in the next decade but we are hearing of human bird flu right now. This did not happen naturally. We have been warned by Fauci, Gates, Tedros that another epidemic is coming. They warned us because they are creating these epidemics to depopulate, give control to WHO, mandate vaccines, acquire billions of dollars perhaps trillions.

I highly recommend that you study The World Council for Health’s Policy Brief – I shared an article about the brief yesterday but only a handful actually opened the link. So I am just sharing the actual policy brief today in hopes that more people will read it.

This policy brief is regarding the amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations) and the Pandemic Treaty/Accord. These proposals have NOTHING to do with health and everything to do with redistributing wealth and total control of all human, plant and animal activity which will include HUGE amounts of money, digital passports (several/not just one) and mandated vaccines (500 is the goal).

A “One Health” approach for the entire world.

These unelected bureaucrats can declare leaves falling a PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) and dictate worldwide policies on how to deal with the leaves falling.

Think climate change, LGBTQ, Cash, Christianity etc. etc. They do not even need to have a real epidemic to declare a PHEIC.

Whatever this group of people decide is how every WHO member state (194 countries) MUST respond.

And our Congress pledged their support of the outcome when they approved the NDAA in December.

Tedros is an ethiopian terrorist and is not even a medical doctor.

What is even worse is the Secreatry of the HHS is a LAWYER.

I guess I can see why they would need a lawyer in that position and not a doctor, right?

These people also maintain a high level of conflict of interest.

No matter how their decisions violate our Constitution and our civil rights the US has agreed to conform.

The NDAA should never be renewed. It should have been repealed years ago.

We have in effect handed our country and our sovereignty over to the WHO which, in my opinion, will be the military arm of the UN.

If you cannot read it all now please save this PDF and read it later.

I also highly recommend sending a copy to your local, state and federal legislators. POLICY BRIEF

Biden Looking at Expanding Internet Surveillance After Discord Leaks – of course….more surveillance and another patsy to convince Americans we need more surveillance. I do not believe for one minute the story they are laying out before us on the leaks from a low ranking government employee passes the smell test. How did such a low ranking government employee get access to these highly classified documents?? Perhaps he didn’t; perhaps he is just their cover for another lie; perhaps our own government made sure he saw these documents?? Another patsy. Another lie. ARTICLE

The jab has killed more than 50% more people than “COVID” itself. – ARTICLE

Doctors in Kentucky, California Received Millions in Bonus Payments for Vaccinating Medicaid Patients Against COVID – So basically the American tax payer paid to incentivize these doctors.  Again, we pay for our own demise. – ARTICLE

White House logs reveal George Soros’ son has made at least 14 visits – and he surely isn’t there spreading freedom and conservatism – He fits right in with the Democrats now the Communist Party USA. ARTICLE

DiCaprio spills fugitive’s plans to donate millions to Dems during Obama re-election – in case you missed this information the first time I shared it I am sharing again. Funny we don’t hear a peep about this testimony from DiCaprio, right? Of course if this was Trump or any other elected official outside the cabal they would already be sitting in prison. ARTICLE

Two Justice systems – BOOM!! 1 min. VIDEO


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One Response to “500 vaccines per human is WHO’s goal. How the WHO is planning to kill us all.”

  1. ian says:

    Excellent article Tap, some great info. Loved the Hunter Biden vid.