Never Ending War

Itapirkanmaa2 – on youtube
“The enemy notes a steady increase in the use of gliding bombs at the front and an increase in losses due to the inability to fully defend against this type of weapon. Even at the level of propaganda, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot now say anything about the fight against gliding? bombs. Accordingly, this advantage will be maintained due to superiority in the air, will give the Russian Aerospace Forces the opportunity to increase pressure on the enemy’s front line and infrastructure, as the production of such bombs increases and their range expands. PS. In the evening there are reports of the use of such bombs in Berislav, Kherson, and in the Slavic-Kramatorsk agglomeration.” (TG / Masno)
this is from a pro-Ukrainian source.
TAP – Unless Ukraine can bring more air defence systems to the frontline, the Russian air force can deliver up to 1500 kg gliding bombs to precision targets from up to 50 kilometres away.  This weapon is accelerating the collapse of the Ukrainian forces in Donbass, just as the USAF and RAF broke German defences in WW2 with carpet bombing of highly entrenched positions after D Day.  Despite this, Germany was allowed to cling on until 1945 when the war was already over in the West by 1944.  General Patton was stopped by his fuel supply being cut off by Eisenhower or he’d have captured the Ruhr.  Is there a similar war plan for Ukraine to keep the war going despite the clear opportunity for Russia to break through entrenched positions using air power and Ukraine’s armed foces be destroyed in situ?
Do the planners want China to be engaged in war in the East so the Ukraine war has to be kept going?  Will the Russian High Command hold back Russia’s forces and prolong the agony – and will NATO commit Poland to be decimated next, while a bigger war is got under way, with the rest of Europe readied for destruction?
Will the Channel be the limit of the Russian advance as it was in 1940?
As usual it’s the intelligence services fostering more war..