3 Responses to “1900 US food processing plants destroyed in one year”

  1. newensign says:

    While this is disturbing news Tap, in the short term, it may facilitate the return to small local companies who will be more answerable to their customers and less likely to contaminate produce with chemicals. The enemy is destroying itself as well!

    • ian says:

      Hi Ned, BTW I love your art and comments, I catch moles for local farmers because I’m good at it. I get hounded from pillar to post early in the year, and while I’m good at catching moles, I have difficulty saying no. One thing I notice is that most farmers, though very capable at farming, are as gullible as the rest of the folks. In the old days, in order to sow eg barley, you plowed in the autumn or winter to let the vegetation that you turned under die down. Now however, you graze sheep on it until Spring, then spay it with roundup. Plow it and sow it in days. Same if you’re growing potatoes. The farmers love it, as do the agrichem folks and the WEF as they’re poisoning us useless eaters.

      • newensign says:

        Yes Ian, spraying with roundup (Glysophate) is destroying the structure of the soil – sick soil = sick plants = sick people. They cover this up with a new type of illness one of which is gluten intolerance, when in fact it is the roundup!!