Yous Are A Joke!

Irish MEP Mick Wallace is a ‘Builder, Breaker & Member of the European Parliament’ according to his Twitter account.
He has a podcast with his compatriot Clare Daly

He’s given us a moment to cherish in the €U chamber.

Yes, there’s a spot of foul language and whether Mick is left, right, down the middle or none of the above, he risks being labelled ‘far right’…

It is symbolic of today’s clown world continuum that the BBC and legacy media continue to ignore arguably among the most important published articles by among the most prominent journalists of our time:

Enjoy as I also inert links to Rumble and Odysee should YouTube censor Mick expressing it in his own indominable style:’s-Nord-Stream-pipeline:2

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One Response to “Yous Are A Joke!”

  1. ian says:

    My kind of politician. I however think that the act is not only aimed at blaming Russia, but at furthering the great reset, and destroying any chance of Germany cozying up to Russia. The US is obeying the Bankers, and Biden is a sock puppet. Our supposed Governments are sock puppets too, likewise following orders or they’ll be Bridgened.