Your PC is censoring you. Don’t accept updates.


Increasingly, PC owners have reported:

  1. Video playback suddenly stops working on independent video-streaming websites
  2. Cannot log-in even if you have the correct password.

MASS CENSORSHIP is covertly being achieved through ‘updates’ which require you to manually re-type your passwords, and also manually re-enable video streaming for independent video websites.

Yahoo have also reported that many Windows users are finding that their log-ins and video streaming are failing.

BUT THAT’S JUST THE START – in 2020, the TECHRADAR website published an article entitled Windows 10 update fail has a fix that could cause more harm than good”.

Since then, we have had many PC users report to us that the published ‘fixes’ actually resulted in MOST OF THEIR FAVOURITE WEBSITES BEING LOCKED-OUT of their PC.

Some of these, erm, ‘updates’ even ‘re-train’ your browser to block log-ins EVEN THOUGH YOU TYPED THE CORRECT PASSWORD.

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Your PC may very well be able to video-stream ads and YouTube – but then your PC will suddenly block video streams from non Google websites.

Or sometimes you will be streaming and playing a video and suddenly it will stop for no reason?

Blogs from all over the world are claiming that some of these problems are being caused by Windows ‘updates’.

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To find out how you are being blocked from many of your favourite websites – even sites which you have a password for – then go to Google Search and type in “after windows update my log-in to websites is not working”.

It is likely that these results too will be CENSORED in this new NWO-WEF take-over of the internet.

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Since 2019, there have been growing numbers of people posting on Microsoft’s own blog about how only Google-owned sites will load following one of these, er, ‘updates’…

You can follow the messages and advice on Microsoft’s own website – an experienced Windows ‘Installation Specialist’ advises to USE AN ALTERNATIVE BROWSER – his advice says that he uses THREE browsers all on HOT TABS in his tool bar so that he can avoid all these mysterious BLOCKS on the internet…

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One Response to “Your PC is censoring you. Don’t accept updates.”

  1. Saladin says:

    MS turned off the option to reject updates in windows 10