Why doesn’t Russia stop NATO weaponry from arriving at the battlefront?

Ukrop sabotage groups can blow up rail lines in Crimea, but the whole Russian Army can’t seem to blow up the ukrop railroads.

Special Operation Z, [23.02.2023 21:26] ===============================
⚡Part of the railroad was blown up in Crimea
The explosion damaged part of the rails 12 km from the Simferopol station, near the village of Pochtovoye.
3 trains were detained: train Sevastopol – St. Petersburg from 166 passengers, as well as 2 suburban electric trains.

TAP – is the higher cabal of bankers that runs the war unwilling to permit Russia to win the war quickly?  It seems so.

If the Russians had bombed key railway bridges and connections, nothing would be arriving in East Ukraine from the West as all heavy weaponry is delivered by rail…and troops.

Or does Russia or rather the banking cabal want the weaponry to arrive so it can be destroyed leaving all NATO’s European allies devoid of weaponry, defenceless and totally vulnerable – and all its troops wiped out to boot?

Does the higher cabal have a plan for Russia to sweep across Europe to the Channel as Prigorzin, head of the Wagners, stated (he called it La Mancha – or Le Manche as in French).

That way an authoritarian regime can be imposed across the continent based in Moscow without any elections being held, and 26 countries needing to agree on every measure in Brussels meeting rooms.

Communism for all.  An end to private enterprise, and private property ownership, and endless medical tyranny, thinning the population to a trickle.  That would make sesne at least.

Nothing else does.

A conversation with a Wagnerite….via Russell Bentley vk.com

Several theses.

Ammo consumption is very high. They often fail to deliver. Many use trophy. (captured ammunition and weapons)

The machine (gun) is enough for a maximum of 2-3 months. Then they usually change to trophy ones.

In a “skirmish” there is often no time to reload the machine gun, take the trophy one and continue with it.

It was that I managed to change five times in one “hassle”.

(I don’t even want to think what kind of pros they are. It’s better to be on the same side with such people.)

Bullets are used mainly armor-piercing. “… you can’t pierce with ordinary armor …”.

Often VSUshniki under acid (Ukrop troops). He says there were precedents that “I pierce a bulletproof vest, there are definitely holes in the armor. And he rushes at me. And he moves for another 15-30 seconds.” there were cases when, with a hole in his forehead, he continued to blink his eyes for 15 seconds. We also saw the liquid itself. Bubbles with pink liquid.

There was a video (at ASh too) where, after being wounded in the leg, the VSU officer injects something into himself and goes on as if nothing had happened. He said that it was probably anti-shock. You bandage your leg, inject anti-shock. In general, normal practice.

Bullet tampons, yes, are great.

There was a case when their group of 10 people surrendered (took surrender of) 35 VSUshnikov. They just saw the chevrons and began to give up. Wagner’s status is very high.

Recently, mostly foreigners. There are even fewer Ukrainians than foreigners.

Prisoners are not abused. Hand over the prisoners to special people.

They are stormtroopers. “suicide kamikaze”, by his own definition.

Artillery now works much more competently than at the beginning of the operation.

The tactics of warfare have changed a lot.

Terminator and T-90M are great cars. (Russian tanks)

The advantage of Russia in the delivery of ammunition and the intensity of shelling is definitely there. Several times.

Planes are bombing. But from low altitude. SU-25.

(no heavy bombers yet which would wipe out entrenched troops.  I guess they want all of NATO committed before they increase the kill rate.TAP)

Grenades from a quadrocopter fell on him several times. He kicked his foot. “On automatic”. Something like.


As for the supply of ammunition to the Wagner PMC, – Akhmat, some other units have shared what they could. Generals who are around the leadership of the Russian military grouping sign documents for which afterwards they can be put in a jail cell by the Military Prosecutor’s Office, just to provide us [PMC Wagner] with ammunition, which we get directly from the wheels. At the same time, the Chief of General Staff and the Minister of Defense are giving orders to not only stop providing PMC Wagner with ammunition, but not even help us with air transport. Now I received information that they had even cancelled distribution of sapper shovel, so the guys could entrench themselves up. There is simply a direct opposition, which is called nothing else but an attempt to eliminate the Wagner PMC. This can be considered equal to treason against the Motherland. This comes at a time when the Wagner PMC is fighting for Bakhmut, losing hundreds of its fighters every day.


The translation of the 2nd audio message:

The Wagner PMC is not provided with ammunition. Why do other units also have a constant shortage of ammunition? Because a bunch of military functionaries decided that it is their country, it is their people. They decided that people will die when it suits them, when they would like. So instead of doing their duty and giving as much ammunition as we need, say, – keep it +20%, just don’t make any more fuss.  They sit giggling in their offices and try to spin intrigue, call up telegram channels and say, – don’t publish Prigozhin [statements] or [if you publish] write that he eats this ammunition or sells to Americans or something like that. I have no options, I go all the way, I have people dying by the dozen because some strange persons made the decision to let them live or not live. This is not a revolutionary call, this is a demand to provide us with ammunition! I can no longer write various statements and appeals on paper, no one reads them!

two extracts from southfront.org


TAP –  In fact the distributors of ammunition are under the control of Russian Intelligence Services that in turn are controlled by the higher banking cabal.  They don’t want the war to end too quickly and so they cut off the supply of goods to Wagner and others.  Just like WW2 when Patton was cut off in 1944 when it looked like he would defeat Germany in 1944.  War is a business run by the people at the very top.  All countries are set to be destroyed if it is possible to do so, and this takes time to orchestrate, leading, they hope, to a world government in the hands of the banking cabal.  The Wagner Group thinks they can trust Russia as they are fighting to save Russia, but Russia is controlled by Jewish bankers and they have an agenda which is very different to the agenda of the Wagners.  The cabal operates through the intelligence services of every country involved.

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5 Responses to “Why doesn’t Russia stop NATO weaponry from arriving at the battlefront?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Sorry Tap I beg to differ

    Scott Ritter
    “listen to what Putin said”

    “The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for eight years now, have been facing humiliation and genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.”

    To this end, we will seek to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine

    Whilst the enemy keeps bringing targets to be destroyed to the Russian military then why waste resources and lives going to them?

    US/Ukraine are losing the war of attrition by a country mile at the moment both in terms of men and equipment demilitarising and denazifying Ukraine.

    The stated objective of the mission.


    The Wagner boss whining about lack of ammo is highly likely an intel psyop to confuse the enemy and also we observers from afar.

    Also notable is that PMCs such as Wagner are illiegal in Russian territory hence what used to be Wagner must now be just another part of the Russian army so their ammo and equipment supplies will no longer be prioritised the top brass now making that decision on the basis of the overall military operation.

    Maintaining the Wagner brand is presumably seen a useful part of the overall strategy.

    Given Prigorzin’s frequent criticism of the military top brass he would have long since been arrested and dumped in a military prison had it not been a psyop.

    • Tapestry says:

      If you follow the soldiers on vk.com and use the Yandex translate facility, you get a different picture Sovereigntea. Russell Bentley writes himself and he posts script from his former comrades, who he is in continual contact with as many are former DNR joining the Wagners as the pay is better. I am sure you’re aware that a higher cabal ran WW2 controlling all sides, as Churchill declared to Parliament (about the higher cabal) – karma the reason he reveals it, so that it’s our fault if we do nothing, not the Satanists. WW3 is unlikely to be any different. The Wagners are only progressing quickly as they are capturing and using foreign/Ukrainian weapons and ammunition. The cabal wants the war to last longer while other countries are brought in, and they don’t want the Wagners winning quick victories as at Soledar and at Bakhmut. The Wagners say they face very few Ukrainians now with most opposition being foreigners/NATO. As Soledar fell unexpectedly the Wagners’ supply of ammunition was cut in half by Russian High Command. They resupplied themselves with Ukrainian and foreign weapons and ammunition and were able to press on with the Bakhmut pincer. The motivation for their advances is to get hold of ammunition, to survive, as without it, a Ukrainian/NATO counteroffensive would be a catastrophe. Maybe the Wagners will need to march on Moscow next to secure their supply lines. They know Moscow is determined to stop them. I’ll leave it to you to work out why.

      • sovereigntea says:

        We will have to agree to differ for now until the picture becomes clearer.

        IMHO there is somethiing big in the works Boeing B-52H Stratofortress x2 over Romania close to black sea Boeing E-3A Sentry over Eastern Poland also Boeing E-8C Joint STARS near Kaliningrad.

        Earlier Russians dumped a record number of missiles all over Ukraine.

        Coupled with a possible regime change coup taking place in Georgia

        Putin: “Western elites are false prophets trying to force humanity onto the path of outright satanism.”

        • Tapestry says:

          That’s why there’re (the higher cabal) trying to slow down the Russians by cutting ammo supplies – to get the war plan into place. If Russia hammers Ukraine too quickly then the other countries might not be quite so willing to join the list of lambs to the slaughter like the Ukrainians. If Ukraine’s military had any sense they would supply Wagners to kill off the Nationalist brigades, then surrender to Russia in Bakhmut where they’ve been dumped to no good purpose. Wagners say someone is supplying them, but it’s not Russia. That could be Ukraine’s military making a few quid out of selling kit to the Wagners. Selling weapons has been going on since the start of the SMO by the Ukrainians, with NATO equipment being sold for a song on the world market. Why not artillery ammunition too? Especially if Ukraine’s military realises they are captive and would do much better allied with Russia than NATO – apart from the Nationalist brigades obviously. Regular commentators like Mercouris, Berletic etc are completely puzzled by what’s happening – and DPA War channel’s Wyatt on youtube, who faithfully reports the ammunition shortages and breakdown in relations between Wagner and the Russian High Command. That’s because they are not looking into how world wars are run, just assuming it’s an enlarged game of football. Even football games are fixed from time to time. Wars always are.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            Yes indeed Tap, all wars are bankers wars. This one is no different

            If we’ve learned anything from Mathis it must surely include the fact that war is always managed from the “top”, by so called “elites”. No significant exceptions

            Media fog, lies and deceptions are an integral part of the war party’s modus operandi. Nothing is ever as it seems, so why would we think that it is this time?