Who says wars are not fixed? Ukraine concentrates army, reinforces as Russia cuts ammunition supply to Wagners.

This video is Defense Politics Asia’s daily update by Wyatt from Singapore.  He’s got some idea things are getting strange on the Bakhmut front with the Ukrainian commander in Bakhmut and Prigozhin responding to each other’s statements.   If only they could start cooperating against their own High Commands!   The Dreizin Report below DPA’s video gives the background military assessment which is consistent with. DPA War’s report, of a changing situation, with NATO wanting to deliver a major counteroffensive against the Wagners.  It’s funny how the Russian High Command are cutting supplies to Wagners at the same time..

Ukraine redeploys forces from other sectors, commits almost all reserves, has 19 brigades (16 maneuver, 3 artillery) and parts of another, plus multiple brigades of militia—the gayest army ever assembled, and densest concentration of force since at least the 1982 Lebanon War—in place and preparing to take back Soledar, unblock and recover Artemovsk (Bakhmut.)  Operation to use new weapons (incl. “Switchblade 600” kamikaze drones); to be undertaken with real-time battlefield intelligence and close operational guidance from dedicated U.S. military command center (same as east Kharkov offensive last year, but with even more complete integration of U.S. battlefield awareness software among Ukr. commanders—the largest, most intensive and realistic U.S. Army “war game” EVER.) Will America’s Frankenstein knock Russia out this time?

https://thedreizinreport.com/2023/03/10/ukraine-redeploys-forces-from-other-sectors-commits-almost-all-reserves-has-19-brigades-16-maneuver-3-artillery-and-parts-of-another-plus-multiple-brigades-of-militia-the-gayest-army-eve/ to access it