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Wagner’s Prigozhin puts Lithuanian Parliament back in its place

“Lithuania has recognized the Wagner PMC as a terrorist organization.  Here’s Wagner Chief Prigozhin’s statement (https://t.me/Prigozhin_hat/2849) on the issue :

“Lithuania is a micro-state, and the opinion of the Lithuanian parliamentarians is unlikely to affect even the residents of its neighbouring countries, Latvia and Estonia.”

Of course, this will also have no effect on the work of PMC “Wagner.”

Mercenaries from the Baltic countries are quite common.

But as I said before, the Norwegians, Finns, and Swedes, among others, who fight against us, are, as a rule, decent professional fighters.

Latvians, Estonians, and Lithuanians are usually either in economic positions or so-called war tourists who behave extremely cowardly.

We often find them abandoning their comrades and running off in different directions. Their speech is often heard in intercepts of conversations.

In short, we can say that fighters fighting on the side of the AFU from the Baltic states are rare cowards.” (TG /Slavyangrad)

TAP – Prigozhin is a bit like the General Patton of the conflict.  If it wasn’t for the internet and alternative media, we wouldn’t even know it.  He’s highly thought of by the people of the Donbass whose lives depend on him.