Wagners continue complaining they have no ammunition supply from Russian High Command

Go to last minute of video for the details.  How come Russia is allowing the Ukrainin army to withdraw from Bakhmut?

The same pattern as WW2.

Dunkirk.  Germans halt tanks.

Battle Of Britain.  Germans switch to blitz when RAF is on verge of collapse.

Battle of the Atlantic.  Admiral Doenitz asked for 200 submarines, and received only 50.  Otherwise the Atlantic would have closed.

Falaise.  The allies allowed 250,000 Germans to escape through a one mile corridor.

The Rhine.  Patton cross the Rhine summer 1944 and was two weeks from closing down the Ruhr ending the war.  Eisenhower cut off his fuel supply.

Moscow.  The Germans fought their way to Moscow in 1941 then wheeled south leaving the city untouched, leading to catastrophe.

The wars are full of seemingly nonsensical battles, because the Generals follow orders from the High Command who are controlled by the bankers or higher cabal.

Churchill told Parliament that the war was run by a higher cabal.   The intelligence services work not for the countries they are located in, but for the cabal, whose primary agent is Mossad.

Commanders are controlled or eliminated – Patton, Rommel as two classic examples.  Sadly the Russians are being delayed by lack of ammunition – and the agony will be prolonged just as the bankers like it.