Wagners begging for ammunition online as NATO sends fully equipped 80,000 army to attack them.

This Ukrainian war is the most fck up war ever!

On 1 hand there is Ukraine, for which this war is 1 huge money washing machine, while its humans are being killed en masse as cannon fodder and organ “donors”.

On the other hand there is Russia that says it wants to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine but keeps offering peace deals and, instead of doing the offensive everyone came to expect, is creeping back and forth moving trenches, as if it wants the NATO money laundromat in Ukraine to stay forever and like NATO wants to depopulate that place.

Then there is China that is using that war to entrench its digital yuan into the global financial system, while the US washing its dollars so thin in Ukraine they begin to look more and more like the toilet paper.

And both Russia and Ukraine are happy to sell their resources for nothing: Ukraine sells them to collective West and Russia sells it China and India, while implementing the same WEF agenda like everyone else.

Ukrainian defense minister is selling western junk to Africa, leaving the Ukrainians he kidnaps on the streets to fight on the front lines without bullets, food and water.

Russian defense minister cuts of the guy whose units actually do the fighting on the front line from satellite connection and leaves him to beg for ammunition on social media. It also looks like he is planning to leave these Wagner units without reinforcement when Ukrainians start their counter offensive, all because these units win more kilometers than the regular army does.

Tell me what am I missing.

Ella Moss.  vk.com

TAP.  The war planners have agents on all sides.  Russian High Command is told to cut ammo feed to the Wagners, who look like they want to win the war against NATO.  Russia’s role is to lose the war, as their own high command knows.

Dane Heald comments –

George Orwell.. 1984 .. the war is not meant to be won . it is meant to be continuous.

4 Responses to “Wagners begging for ammunition online as NATO sends fully equipped 80,000 army to attack them.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    So the war is essentially fake like so many others [see numerous Mathis]. The cabal always dictates

    Maybe so, but there are good commentators who say that Russia is not in any hurry at all. That they are quite content to annihilate any nato/west/ukie army that shows up, and with minimal effort too. They’ve set up the meat grinder and it is working very well so far so why change anything. The west is demilitarising itself at minimal cost to the Russians. Russia can carry on like this for years but the west certainly can’t

    Is Russia working for the WEF? In some respects it might be aligned but in some key ones it’s opposed. The new financial structures to facilitate trade between the rest are outside western control aren’t they. This is surely directly opposed to Schwab and his nazi honchos aims of a one world system, based on Rothschild style central banks controlled by the west?

    If we go back to a new cold war then, there can be little doubt about the outcome as things stand. The west has minimal manufacturing capability now so, if it can’t rob the rest as per usual then, how will it survive?

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      This is a more measured assessment of the current state of play

      From thezman:

      “Then we have the China issue. Xi Jinping’s recent state visit to Moscow caused panic in Europe because it makes clear that China is never going to sign onto the new world order proposed by the West. French President Emmanuel Macron was sent to Beijing to beg for mercy. He came back and immediately signed a trade deal with China in which the French will buy LNG using yuan. That LNG, by the way, is sourced from Russia, thus blowing another hole in the sanctions regime.

      That energy deal is just one deal, but the symbolism is what matters, as it makes clear who has the whip hand now. Decades of bribing American officials has taught the Chinese how important narrative and symbolism is to Washington. By making Macron do that deal, they are telling Washington that China is willing to compete with Washington on every continent, even Europe. It also signals that Europe is very worried about what is happening to them in this war.”

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:


        “The most likely answer here is the Russians have determined that there is no need for a big offensive at this time. The dynamics of the fighting favor them and they have minimized their losses while maximizing Ukrainian losses. They can also see the deteriorating condition of Europe, both politically and economically. You can be sure that there are lots of back channel conversations happening between politicians in Europe and their friends in Moscow.

        The Russians have spent months building defenses in the south and that suggests they think this is where the much talked about Ukrainian counter offensive will happen, if it happens at all. It is increasingly clear that this will be Ukraine’s last chance to reverse the decline in support from Europe. The calculation by the Russians may be to wait for this attack in the south, defeat it and then wait for the political fallout to force the Ukrainians back to the bargaining table.

        There is also the fact that the war will end and Russia will have to do business with Western Europe again. How the Ukraine war ends will determine how difficult it will be to patch up relations. From the Russian perspective, it is best for Europe to break from Washington and force Zelensky to sign the paper put in front of him. The Europeans save face and the Russians have international recognition for taking possession of the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine.

        While the war is not close to being over, it is clear that the end game is slowly starting to form up as winter gives way to spring. The big talk about Ukraine sacking Moscow is a thing of the past. Slowly the talk is shifting to what happens after the war. Given the geopolitical changes that have come about as a result of the war, what comes next is not going to be a return to the status quo ante. What the world looks like a year from now when the war is over is up for debate.”