6 Responses to “Visit at the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces.”No one is forgotten, Nothing is forgotten.””

  1. ian says:

    Not had the best day. Abscess on my gum tooth out swelling, pain etc. Feeling better now. Just watched this video. What a beautiful place, and lovely people. Thanks D’.

  2. newensign says:

    A very interesting video Danceaway and goes to show the Russians aren’t monsters as our media would have us believe! The only thing I think sad is the Soviet army during the to world wars was fighting to keep the Russians enslaved to the same power as has us in its grips today via London, Washington DC and the Vatican. This is evidenced by the 5 pointed star which was on the flag of Amalek, you will also see 5 pointed stars on the American tanks and other weapons, not to mention that the Pentagon is a 5 pointed star! After the USA became “independent” the Union Jack on the stars and stripes was replaced with a 5 pointed star for each State. The Stars and Stripes is of course the East India Company flag!
    I listened to a very interesting podcast of an interview with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson by ACH. He is an expert on Russian History and Putin with some interesting info, about Russia and Turkey including the earthquake. Site summary below and link:
    today’s show originally broadcast on March 1 2023, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, “The Suspicious Nature Of Almost Everything Happening Today.”
    We discussed: why there are many questions to be asked regarding the circumstances surrounding the recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey; how whilst Turkey used to purchase their military weaponry from the United States, they now purchase it from Russia; how earthquakes have been artificially created in the past; why the United Nations outlawed the use of weather weapons in 1977; the recent ramping up of mainstream articles debunking the concept of weather weapons; abortion laws in Russia and Turkey compared to abortion laws in the West; how the mainstream media seems to be paving the way for a Western backed chemical weapons attack on the Ukraine which they will blame on Russia; and many other topics.
    Click Here For Matt’s Website
    Click Here For Matt’s Patreon Page

  3. danceaway says:

    Thank you, thank you, for this link, newensign. The information about the earthquakes is incredibly important; I hope many many listen to this podcast, and this presenter, and have a look at Matt’s website; please keep us up to date with this sort of rare information!!

    • newensign says:

      Yes I thought you would be interested in the link Danceaway which gives one a different perspective on Russia and Turkey. Little has been said of the rift between Turkey and NATO it has been presented as a minor local difficulty when it was huge! I will try and keep you updated and the readers here. For same reason Tap seems to have removed the comment e-mail notifications I used to get!

      • ian says:

        Hi N’, yes many Turks have been shaken “literally”, since the split. It’s easy to believe that it was deliberate.