Ukrainians resupply Central Bakhmut through underground mine workings from Chasiv Yar.

If you wondered how Ukraine has survived so long in Bakhmut (Artemovsk in Russian) when all the main roads were cut off by fire control from pincers, and the fields are churned up with mud, there is an explanation.  Captured prisoners of war have been telling the Wagners that their supplies have been coming in via an underground route for a while.  The underground route has been identified to a coal mine which has its pithead in central Bakhmut.  As in Soledar the Ukrianian armed forces have been making use of underground deliveries to the front.  The Russians can probably bomb this delivery method into disfunctionality, but might decide to capture the mine head instead as it is not far from the frontline, and they can harass the traffic coming in and out, using drones to spot activity.  If it’s ammunition they may try to capture the supplies for their own use!  They must have known about this supply route for a long time, but now everyone knows they know.