Russian soldiers are claiming that they’ve made a hideous discovery inside Ukraine, where they say that children between the ages of 2 and 7 are being raised in factory farm conditions before the attractive ones are sold as sex slaves to elite pedophiles and those who don’t find buyers are “carved up like discarded waste” as their organs are harvested and sold for use at European and Israeli transplant centers.

In video footage from the frontlines of the Russo-Ukrainian War, a visibly emotional Russian officer describes children being treated as if they are “livestock, piglets, or rabbits” by their Ukrainian captors around the town of Izium, where the discovery of an commercial scale child organ harvesting factory was reported.



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  1. Tapestry says:

    Hunter Biden and his Dad are not the only ones. The Roman system of government which survives to this day is based on rewarding officialdom with access to children. The practices were described in detail in our Latin books translated into Greek for some reason when we were at school. We thought it was amusing having no understanding that the children being used for sex were forced to do it. The previous system of government was to castrate all officials and run government with eunuchs who were clearly no threat to the powerful families at the top. The Roman system of reward requires a steady supply of victims, and a media which looks the other way, just as it is doing here. Is Russia any different? At least the Russians have not jettisoned their spiritual beliefs as have the countries of the West, leaving us exposed to every horror in the book. The Russians are well aware that the West is degenerate with little hope of saving ourselves as we know nothing at all about how our societies are truly run. Pedophiles need power to get what they want, and they will stop at nothing, including killing off as many adults as they can with vaccines. The scale of the harvesting of children across the world is almost unbelievable. The Hampstead whistleblower kids show that fathers will make their own children available to others, as does the footage of Biden fondling the children of his political supporters. The harvesting of organs is another aspect of the total corruption of the medical industry, where humans count for nothing other than either sexual value and the value of their body parts. Satan is truly running the world.

    • ian says:

      Thanks for that extra info Tap, Very interesting, and I genuinely thought exactly the point you mention, ie “Is Russia any different”?. I feel that like us, Russia is controlled and plays the bad guy, and is controlled by the same individuals, and so will be no different. Like, I assume, most folks, the child abuse and organ harvesting are blood boiling crimes to me, and I’m probably being played.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        It’s impossible to be certain but I think that you are probably correct Ian. The global elites are not rooted in any single nation. They USE nations rather than commit to them. That is pretty obvious if you think about it a bit

        So why would modern China and Russia be any different? Very unlikely. That’s not to say that all lower level events are fake, far from it. They might be fake at elite level but they are often very real for the rest of us

        Certainly the longstanding western hegemony has been far, far, more destructive for humanity that anything that has come out out of modern China or Russia

        Their new multipolar order seems preferable to the existing long standing hegemony too, with it’s demonic satanic inversion of humanity. The hegemony elites. Including the “British” [really Venetian], are renowned for their disgusting paedophile tendencies, which are complete anathema to all normal humans

  2. Gordon says:

    Karma says “It’s worse than you think”