6 Responses to “These damning photos prove that the entire video of alleged Covenant school mass shooter released by law enforcement proves it was a prerecorded hoax!”

  1. NPP says:

    My guess is It’s the same shoe, just different image resolution.

    Be careful.

    That’s not to say something untoward did not occur.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It’s so obviously another hoax. I am sure the analysts will find more discrepancies. Ned, that is not the same shoe, is it?
    The whole thing is the usual looks wrong in every picture – no fear or stress on faces and so on. http://mileswmathis.com/trans2.pdf

    • NPP says:

      I suggest you are focusing on a photo of a shoe and images can be misleading.


      I disagree with this analysis of the trans-shooter footage. I think the yellow part or the shoe (the flame part) just looks white on the low-res security footage. Hence it looks like the Puma Suede shoe. You’d be amazed to see – when you work with low res video and different compressions – what images can be produced, that you know for a fact isn’t there. A lot of things in the image are being digitally interpreted and almost “filled in” if there is compression on the footage (which there clearly is).

      The folded up pant leg is hanging far enough down over the shoe when the trans-shooter is standing up in the first clip that it’s very hard to see the entire outline of the flame on the shoe like you do in the footage when the trans-shooter is down, on the back in the screenshot from the second clip.

      In fact, if you look at this screenshot of the supposed original shoes, you can see that the distance between the shoe lace and the white stripe on the Puma Suede show (that we are said to see in the first clip) is taller than between the shoelace and the yellow flame part. It looks like the shoe in the first video screenshot is a better match with the “flame shoe” than with the first shown Puma Suede shoe.

  3. ian says:

    Whatever the truth is, I do know that those in charge want assault rifles taken from the masses. House raids can be messy when folks have weapons that can shoot through shields and most body armour.

    • NPP says:

      Private gun ownership is vital to keep tyranny at bay..

      • ian says:

        Indeed NPP, which is why the police now cotrol gun licensing in the UK. When I was a lad, shotguns could be bought from Brian Mills and Gratten mail order catalogues. I never knew of anyone being shot. Now however the least thing like a spell of depression, or a row with a neighbour can prevent you being allowed a gun. and the application form actually says it doesn’t want the Doctor’s opinion on the patient’s suitability. The Shooting magazines advise against going to the Doctor with mental health issues, unless as a last resort.
        As I said at the start, no one got shot when they were freely available. Now it’s just the Cops, Criminals and illegal immigrants who have guns, and yes I feel very upset by it, as I always shot.