The vaccination playbook

In the 1840s life expectancy in Irwel, Manchester, was 19 yrs. Elsewhere you might be lucky to make it to whopping 42.
Owing to overcrowded living conditions, TB, cholera and cotton lung – bicinosis. Many houses had open sewers running through living quarters. Child mortality was astronomical.So when you hear the, Woke whining. Remind them of the overwhelmingly white, British, working class who died like flies.

Imagine a society drowning in grief.

Many died from the ongoing #Eugenics program otherwise known as ‘vaccination’:

MUST-READ: ‘England began a strict compulsory smallpox vaccination program in 1867. Those refusing the vaccines were prosecuted. By 1871, 97.5 percent of people between the ages of two and fifty had been vaccinated. The following year, England experienced the worst smallpox epidemic in its history, with 44,840 deaths resulting.’