The Thetford Three

Bob Seys on the right.  Or on the left!  depending on which way you’re looking..  At the Thomas Paine Hotel.

These guys need a good lawyer – Robin Tilbrook of The Teds. (although you need individual cases where victims faces a loss from these measures to bring legal action)

UK 100 national roll-out of the closure of communities.  100 cities and towns in the UK.

The thin end of the wedge as far as restrictions go. ‘Yes you can use your cars, but you won’t be able to access directly….’

It’s a global scheme not a trial run, as they describe it.

Massive plant pots in the way of access for example.

‘You can use a car and pay a penalty – or walk or cycle.’

‘You have a choice’.

Unlawful regime.

Local campaigning.

Council meeting – packed out.  See clip.

Meeting on 30th March.

I talk to Kris Brooks, Mike Ball and Bob Seys from Thetford in Norfolk to learn how the community are pushing back against the imposed so-called 20 minute low traffic neighbourhoods.