The List Keeps Getting Longer

Albert’s list keeps getting longer. More rope anyone?

As the end comes the enemy will reveal himself/herself/their self. Other variants also apply.

I think ladies and gentlemen the end is getting near. Evil will rise to the surface, come in to the light, show its true nature and strike. At that moment all good, true, noble and honorable people must stand firm in love, peace and compassion. Be warriors not soldiers.

We have no idea of what’s coming but it is coming and can be defeated. I truly believe that.

When it starts, and it will. It will be as swift as it will be traumatic. Then, a better world may appear.

We must live in hope.

In peace.


3 Responses to “The List Keeps Getting Longer”

  1. newensign says:

    What evil people on the video John! It was foretold that in the last days the evils ones will be gathered into bundles and burnt which is happening before our eyes. They are openly forming themselves into clubs or associations to flaunt their evil. There can be no peace until the evil ones are utterly destroyed. We are told to occupy, in other words not to give ground to the enemy. As you rightly say they are identifying themselves. Victory will be ours and the creator will be with us after a measure of punishment for allowing false weights and measures (money) and Lawlessness (Babylonian commercial law replacing Divine Law mainly enshrined in our Common Law), in our lands. May victory come soon!

  2. ian says:

    The Government controlled by it’s handlers, tried it’s level best to scare the crap out of people. This worked in varying degrees. I, like many of you was watching it all unfold and knew it as a load of bollocks from the start. Pana-dememic Jack however and the girl in the video, were probably terrified and understandably though wrongly, wanted us jailed for 10 years. That was the fault of the smirking b4stards in the corridors of power, and the nudge units, and the spin doctors, and Neil adulterer Ferguson, Dominic Cummins, the MSM, et al. It is them and their handlers who should face justice.

  3. John says:

    I wish I shared your view Ian. I think there was no fear, no innocence, no naivety and just someone going along with the agenda. I’ve long since lost any hope that any main or “alternative” news/media outfit will tell the truth and be on the side of the light. They all need to go away for a very long time IMO. We’re seeing a very slick and well polished process happening that has taken thousands of years to perfect. It’s been done before, it will be done again and it is very very effective. Humanity has been studied and observed and everything about us; our actions, reactions, thoughts, feelings and responses has been turned in to a formula and used against us. Especially fear based responses.