The Evilution Of Medicine

“Control foods and you control the people; Control oil and you control nations; Control money and you control the world.”

Ed Dowd did a long segment with Steve Bannon on Tuesday. He shared that his team has finish 3 studies (deaths, disability, absence) using employment/insurance data. Insurance companies have the most accurate information on death and disability because it is the life line of their business. I am attaching the interview with Steve Bannon and I am also attaching a link to his 3 initiatives from his website with all the data. I had a hard time getting on his site because it appears some browsers are censoring his site The employment data for the 3 projects is illustrating the deviation from 2002-2019 compared to the data since the implementation of the COVID bio-weapon injection – 16 min. VIDEO

HERE is a link to all of the projects Dowd’s team is working on with all of the data. The Absence, Excess Deaths, Disabilities projects are all listed with all the data. There is a lot to digest so I would highly recommend saving this information or if you are able to access his website to do so and bookmark.

She Foresaw a Global Pandemic because Trump signed Executive Order for a “FLU VACCINE TASK FORCE” – This video was recorded in September 2019!!!!! MUST WATCH – She drops some F-bombs – such a shame more people did not take her more seriously back then – 6 min. VIDEO

House of Fauci: How Dr. Christine Grady, aka Mrs. Fauci, Used Her NIH Position To Backstop Her Husband’s Pandemic Health Directives – don’t worry…..I am sure they never discuss the office at home. No conflict of interest….keep on walking nothing to see here. ARTICLE