The doomsday playbook. Headache anybody?

Bankrupt Banks, Food Crisis, Mandatory Vaccine and Our Grim Future. “This Time, the Virus has Infected Money Itself”

Just think you might be a target of a low orbit military satellite.   Maybe that tinfoil hat might come in handy yet to ease your headache!.   Silver works better at blocking emfs than aluminium.  Buy blocsilver fabric.  It’s also great protection against financial meltdown and hyperinflation.  Get some coins or hallmarked rounds.  Silver powers solar panels when the electric cuts off.  Silver also kills bacteria and viruses that medicines can’t touch.  Get some silver nanoparticles from RNAresults in Milton Keynes.  Is Silver the gift from god we all need today, sent to help us survive the onslaught?  That, a bit of home grown veg, and some preserving jars.

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One Response to “The doomsday playbook. Headache anybody?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I should mention my company is making hallmarked silver rounds – going online soon. They’re in production in the small scale so far, and they sell out as soon as we have any.