The Death Penalty Drugs Used By Care Homes

The Underdog – The Daily Beagle March 3, 2023

Credit to Alderamin, SuperCellex for doing valuable digging alongside, David Lamb for their story, and Denise Gardiner for their in-depth medical commentary. Thanks to Alan Richards for the BMJ update.

The Daily Beagle has spent the last several days digging through prescription datasets, BNF codes, documentation, forms, procedures, dosage limits, MHRA authorisations and more, and we come bearing blood-soaked receipts that it was indeed a Mass Murder of the Elderly.

This is probably one of the most explosive stories The Daily Beagle will cover.

Midazolam Is Literally Used For Lethal Injection

States can still use the sedative drug midazolam in lethal injections, according to today’s Supreme Court decision. But how exactly does the drug work, and why do some say that it’s unreliable?

Live Science, “How Does Execution Drug Midazolam Work?”

This by itself would be damning. But this is just the beginning.

Midazolam Dosage Exceeds That Used In Death Penalty

In Arizona, the dosage for execution using midazolam is 50mg.

The Arizona execution protocol explicitly states that a prisoner will be executed using 50mg of hydromorphone and 50mg of midazolam

Do you know how much they give in UK palliative care homes? Here’s one care home’s listed advice from 2012:



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