TED leader wins case for victim of grooming gangs

A political leader who wins cases in court is more use than the many others who fight games for attention in social media.  Robin Tilbrook of The Teds knows his way around the legal system.  Above all the world needs justice to be brought back.  What better way to win the argument than to demonstrate how justice can be brought back.  Back The Teds and vote for The English Democrats.  Over 100,000 girls have been raped and pimped by the grooming gangs.  There are over 10,000 perpetrators.   If these victims now head to court, the gang members will lose their gains.  Each girl returns about £250,000 to their pimp.  Some girls might have claims in the millions.  Other victims are now coming forward.

High Court awards “courageous” Rotherham grooming survivor £425,000 in first successful civil action of its kind, against her rapist Ashgar Bostan, and in warning to other groomers
In February 2018 taxi driver Ashgar Bostan was jailed for 9 years at Sheffield Crown Court for raping “LIZ”*, a Rotherham girl who was 14 at the time. In a statement to the court, she has said that her childhood and teenage years were “destroyed” by Bostan and that her dreams of a normal adult life were wrecked by the damage he had done to her.
Bostan was not severely punished, being released from prison last year having served just half of his sentence, partly in the comfort of an open prison.
Now the High Court has awarded “LIZ” a massive £425, 924.09 in damages after she took ground-breaking civil action against Bostan. It made an anonymity order that she should be known as “LIZ”.
“With the help of my friends at Hearts of Oak and other supporters like Jayne Senior, and my solicitor Robin Tilbrook, I sued my rapist Bostan to at last get real justice,” said LIZ. “Lord Pearson and Lord Vinson raised the money for the case, and I can’t thank them and their friends enough”.
“But I also did it to show that, having been badly let down by South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council, we survivors can take things into our own hands and fight back for real justice,” she said.
Baroness Cox, Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Honour Based Abuse said “I have met with many grooming gang survivors over the years and I am delighted that LIZ has been awarded this financial justice. Her great legal victory should bring hope to many other survivors.”
Peter Mcilvenna, director of the Free Speech Campaign Group ‘Hearts Of Oak’, said: “LIZ has been admirably courageous to see the legal process through to this victory.”
“Other grooming gang survivors should take heart from her success and contact us at Hearts of Oak,” said Peter. “We would like her ground-breaking civil action to be just the start of a wider campaign to get compensation for more victims and to punish more grooming gang rapists where it hurts.”
This is a watershed in the fight to defend our English girls from the pernicious evil of the ‘Grooming Gangs’ that infest almost every town and city across England. As the acting Solicitor in this case I acknowledge that this is a this this substantial victory but I am mindful of the 100,000 plus victims who have yet to see REAL justice.
However, now we have forged a path to justice by bringing and winning this action against a convicted groomer and rapist , Mr Ashgar Bostan, we are now at liberty to use what we have learned during the procedure to roll this ‘Arm of Justice ‘ campaign out further.
This will send shock waves through the legions of perverted Groomers as many hold assets such as property and there is few better deterrents than to hit these wicked people where it hurts…IN THE POCKET while providing financial compensation to those girls whose childhoods were so brutishly shattered by these evil men.  GB News have been covering our remarkable victory this week, this is VERY big news and great news for the victims.
Gone are the days when these convicted paedophiles and rapists merely had to do a few years inside with their pals, NO, now we are coming after you and your assets. These men will be coming out to massive costs and financial penalties for their actions. The message is clear… Rape our children… YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING and not just your freedom!
To roll this effective deterrent out on a wider scale I need YOUR support. As you can imagine to bring these convicted groomers to book financially will be an expensive ordeal but we can and MUST do it as it is the best tool we have to fight against this epidemic of child abuse against our English Girls (and boys in some cases)!
 The countless masses of defiled English girls across this country need YOU to step up and join with me in our ‘CRUSADE FOR JUSTICE CAMPAIGN’ as we take the fight to the heart of the beast, by attacking the very fabric of the Grooming gangs , their material wealth . I have had one successful case but with your financial support it could be just the first of MANY.
 If everybody can chip in a plethora of £20, £50, £100 donations and if perhaps some fortunate people can chip in donations of £500 and £1,000 we can kick start a campaign that will rock the foundations of these perverts from Rotherham to Rochdale and from Luton to Telford. All of these perverts live in fear of this type of ‘LAWFARE’ – so NOW is the time for the English to cry with one voice…..WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU!

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