Some Facts You Might Not Know About Council Tax

Some Facts You Might Not Know About Council Tax

The collection of Council Tax is administered pursuant to The Local Government and Finance Act 1992. Councils are private for-profit corporations and operate as such.

Some key facts when dealing with these agents are:

There is no obligation to provide any Council with any financial or personal data whatsoever, as recently made clear by the Court of Appeal.

There is no legal or equitable obligation to make payments to any Council under the Local Government and Finance Act 1992.

There is no such notice or form described as a liability order issued by a Magistrates’ Court.

There is no hearing conducted by any Magistrates’ Court with respect to Council Tax under Criminal Practice Direction or Civil Procedure Rules.

Councils effectively conduct their own hearings under the guise and jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Courts.

No information record exists at any Magistrates’ Court following the processing of personal data during any purported hearing.

Council Tax in essence is a modern day form of feudal racketeering. Once exposed in the Magistrates’ Court, the Council officers or their legal representatives are at a loss to prove any liability. For years these unconscionable individuals have received the favour of the Courts whereby so-called bulk orders are rubber stamped for subsequent enforcement. It’s the beginning of the end for their happy time.

Debt Less is developing a successful track record in assisting clients to successfully attended Magistrates’ Courts, only for the Council to be refused their applications for so-called liability orders. We are also the first company to provide mentorship upon successful litigation in a County Court against a UK Council in respect of Council Tax.

Damages of £7,500.00 were recently awarded in a civil claim against Slough Borough Council for distress caused by the Council agents to our client during no less than three failed attempts by the Council to levy Council Tax in the East Berkshire Magistrates’ Court. The claim was filed in the County Courts Money Claims Centre, is a UK first, and long may it continue. The same individual is now seeking to recover all payments previously made to the same Council in a second claim – restitution at its finest.

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2 Responses to “Some Facts You Might Not Know About Council Tax”

  1. Steve Kettle says:

    Great post, stopped paying mine so expecting the “summons” soon, many others doing the same. Wrote to the council asking for proof of obligation, they can’t provide it. It’s all a scam just like the mortgage con, they can’t prove they “lent” any money (they didn’t) and they securitised the mortgage so they’ve no standing to bring a claim for repossession. Crooks the lot of them.

    • newensign says:

      Yes Stephen, we have all been conned. A friend of mine has put a no trespass notice removing implied right access, he says it works every time, the Police can only attend to prevent a breach of peace. Good for you for standing up against the bullies!